I believe that the question is missing some crucial elements. As several methodologies can opt for the completion of your software development, but one of the most reliable and successful ways is to set up your dedicated offshore development center. You said you are looking for help.
1. Looking for an expert Developer?
In case your organization wants a software being developed, but you do not have the right talent or knowledge.

2. Limited budget for software development?
Offshore Development Center is a great model to bring down your software development cost significantly. It provides the flexibility to hire expert developers at minimal cost with varying engagement models.

3. Global exposure?
Offshore Software Development centres based on different parts of the world, enable organizations to be SMBs or enterprises to expand their hands in the global marketplace.

To get help in a better way keep these questions I mind:
1. Setting up a defined budget: Look for an ODC that suits your budgetary.
2. Clearly mentioning your goals: Define your goals, KPIs, and metrics to meet your expectations and budget. Explain your team what you want to accomplish and why.
3. On-going Communication: Enable your in-house team to establish an ongoing communication channel with your offshore software development center.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 3 months ago

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