I am looking to create a marketplace for high school students to get coaching on college admissions from current college students. I'm bootstrapping my startup, so I don't have tens (hundreds) of thousands of dollars to develop a highly complex web/mobile app from scratch. I am looking to understand what other solutions exist for an MVP. Thank you for being generous with your time reading this. [Please keep reading for a features list, if you wish.] The features of the MVP would be simple. From the buyer (student) side, it would include: user registration, sign-up, browse, search, filter, view profile, save profile, select service to purchase, purchase service, chat with seller (college student), and maybe, built-in video call. From the seller (college student) side, it would include: registration, create service to sell, set price and details of service to sell, create multiple services, input payout options (paypal, and if possible direct to bank account or venmo), accept booking, chat with buyer, and video call. From the admin side, it would include all the perks of being admin including setting/changing commission. I am sure I have not covered all, but I don't want to inundate you with details for now. :-)

I believe that you are not the only one who has this idea. Many are developing a business on the idea, and many have already developed it. Plus, there are “first movers” who will do anything to make you unsuccessful. Your plan is excellent, but only problem is there are many with the same plan and working on it. Competition, direct and indirect, will undo your best plans if it possibly can, certainly their activities create a “moving target”, demanding that strategies be adjusted continuously. Markets and customers are volatile too. Markets are affected as much by fashion and fad as by economics. Customers are increasingly demanding, ever fickler and their loyalty to products and brands is harder to win, and then has a more temporary hold than in the past. A host of external factors act on markets and affect customers’ willingness to buy. These include economic factors and what customers can afford, political factors and how markets can operate, social factors affecting how people live and therefore what their needs are, technological factors such as the rise of information technology, and environmental factors that may affect choice and regulation. The only viable way I see is to do market research because business is an uncertain undertaking.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 9 months ago

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