Is it worthwhile to download graphic design software to design poster templates?

I'm looking for poster templates to promote my brand's sale online. I've also checked some online graphic design tool that allows customizing pre-designed templates easily. One of them is mentioned below: Would it be worthwhile to download an online graphic design tool to create posters?


I would take the path of least resistance and use a tool like to get started.

If you outgrow the capabilities of that service, then consider purchasing a more powerful app.

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Answered 3 days ago

Start with a market survey
Make visual choices to key design and marketing elements
Play around with variations
One of the most effective tools you can use for branding your business is through a logo, brochure, website, etc...
Try using Canva or Pic Monkey to create your own fancy marketing materials

Answered 2 days ago

I'd recommend using Canva to start. It offers a great deal of flexibility and stock photos, iconography, and templates to use for even the most aesthetically challenged individual. (:

Plus, it is CHEAP! My team usually ends up using it for most graphic needs on social, internal communications, and event collateral instead of something from Creative Cloud.

Answered 9 hours ago

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