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Almarie Campbell Preacher, Seer, Prophetess & Author. BA in Theology with a minor in leadership & ministry Passionate about empowering others for greatness. I am a mentor, life coach and a trainer encouraging persons to find the purpose and to fulfill their destiny. A seer and prophet who operates in the prophetic and is gifted in dreams, visions and biblical interpretation. Has ministered both in the Caribbean and on the international sphere for over 12 years. Has done seminars and conferences on deliverance & healing, spiritual warfare, intercession, dreams and visions and spiritual interpretation. Author of 2 books on the above: Title of the books: a) The Prophetic Ministry-God's seed and harvest (currently sold on Amazon) b) Which Piece of your armour is missing? Will be released on Amazon in June( Book gives deep insight of Covid-19 and the comparison with the armour of God) Former Radio co-host who has graced the Jamaica populace with deep spiritual insights on dreams/visions/ end time prophecies and other current and relevant issues. Former Retails Sales Manager with over 37yrs of experience in branch management in one of the most successful retail groups in Jamaica. Have worked with a dynamic team to raise the bar both in customer service and sales to bring service above and beyond to both internal & external customers. Have an excellent track record in team synergy and product and profit for the growth of the company and the economy

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It is great that you have a business idea. The question you asked is very real to any business especially when it's a startup. You really don't want to put something out there when there is no niche for it or when it is moving slowly. so here is what I would suggest.
a) Do a thorough feasibility study on the product you are offering. Ensure that your suppliers are genuine and offers good quality. You must know your demographics. Who are you targeting?
b) Who are your competitors and what are they offering in terms of price and quality?
c) Can you match that or can you afford to do a loss leading( getting your product out there at a cheaper price but quality & customer service will give you quantum sales faster.
d) Where do you want your presence? Online only or traffic from both online and walk in?
e) What type of funnel of strategy will get you there at the least cost.
f) Network--Network...Network. (Quality goods needs quality marketing)
A lot of time needs to be put into this.
There is a whole lot more but feel free to set up an appointment with me.
Best of luck.

That seems like quite a handful, but in this time when the economic drain is on us multiply streams are critical and important.
But let us begin with:
a) Are you comfortable with the amount you have?
b) Can you comfortably manage them without any interlocking or conflict of interest?
c) Is it the same content you are sharing with each account?
If your answer is yes then check to see what are the guidelines that each one has. To make the best of the accounts you must adhere to the guidelines.
Hope this was helpful.
Let me know by sharing your feedback

With social media platform as something at your fingertip why not use them to your advantage. Go ahead and use all the platforms available to your disposal . Facebook, Instagram, twitter are just a few.
Send it to your friends and colleagues platform as well and ask them to do send it to their friends and colleagues.
You may also do email listing
SMS blast
And of course the good word of mouth.
Be passionate about what you are offering and watch as it grows on you as you get excited about what you are offering.
Hope this helps

That's a very good question.
For best practice and depending on your time zone it would be professional that it is done within convenient business hours. Therefore both Experts and clients would come to a time that is convenient and professional. We are here to help the client so if you give a timeframe and it is not convenient for the expert for whatever reason, a suggested suitable time would be made.

Beautiful collections and it is clear that you have a knack for creative arts. I have a few questions for you. How long has this business been in operation? How much capital did you invest ? What is your profit margin? Who are your target group? How is the sale since COVID? Who has been marketing and doing the PR.? Hypothetically, If I am going to invest in you these are some of the questions I would asked. It's my money so I want to know how well you are stewarding it.
The person who partners with you must have an interest in the product and they would need to see a projection for say a year. Whilst I am not against getting a partner I would suggest try these options first
a)Why not create a website or an online store and display your products.
b) You can also become an Amazon or Ebay supplier. Check it out and let me know.

Would love to get some feedback on the questions I asked

I know you need start up funding and your best bet is to borrow capital or to partner with someone. While there are advantages is getting yourself out there real fast, there are still some pros and cons. I would suggest the following:
a) Sit down and do a business plan or a projection for the next 5 years
b) Look at the capital that you would need to get you off the ground and to get you al least through the teething stages (say the first year)
c) When you have done that, look around you to see what do you have to put into the business, Eg: will you sell your car, how about the nest egg you had saved? what pieces of furniture can you sell?
d) When that is completed, check to see how near are you to the capital you need.
At that point if you still need a partner, carefully think why and who would you partner with. Remember the greater amount the partner puts it, the more they are going to require from you and the business. Think on what amount of shares are you willing to give up to someone. Who will do the marketing etc?
Remember your dream is yours, your partner must be able to see it through the same lenses.
There is so much to know, but carefully weigh all your options
Hope you find this helpful, feel free to ask me any further questions

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