What would next-generation apps look like?

I believe entrepreneurship is about always raising the bar. Today there are great apps but someone will learn from them and create something better.


Glass will be disruptive. I'm in the first set of users on it and it's impressive. I see a new class of services and products with not only the immediacy of the phone, but the power of first-person augmentation. Think of the possibilities! Developers can help people communicate better, know more, live healthier, become smarter, remember more, do more, record more, consume more, and so on and so on.

Glass entrepreneurs have a real opportunity to touch people's lives in a very intimate way. I think there is tremendous opportunity for companies that do this right.

Answered 7 years ago

I suggest breaking out of the paradigm of the app. I expect the way we interact with information is going to be increasingly tactile, preservable, and meaningful, moving us away from the medium of the application as on-the-spot source for of-the-moment input. As you consider how to keep yourself or your organization at the leading edge, it might be worthwhile to consult Donella Meadows' article "Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System".

Answered 6 years ago

Technology is best when it gets out of the way. I hope and expect that next-generation apps will enable us to live richer lives, to get away from in front our screens more engaged in reality.

Google Now and Google Glass are examples of next-generation apps; technology that comes to you if there is something you need to know. For example; if you need to get to a meeting on time, Google Now let's you know in advance when you need to leave by and how to get there so you don't need to check.

More generically, next-generation apps should get to know you; your habits, preferences, and physical condition so that an app can become but an "augmentation" of yourself, in an effort to help you to be present in the moment, to be healthier, more efficient and happier.

Answered 6 years ago

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