[Appeal Letter] - Violated Plagiarism Rules For College Examinations

I'm a final year student from a UK university. Recently I just received an email from my school that I have violated the rules for exam plagiarism. I input my own ideas and judgment for the work I submitted with references from online academic sources. However, the school system felt that majority of my content are copied word for word or with minor alterations, thus they are disregarding the work I submitted. The school mentioned that I have 1 week to submit an appeal. I am at a loss to know what to do for now. To all experts, this is my final year and I really hope I can graduate this year. Would appreciate if you can offer me some assistance with the appeal.


I do understand your actual case I had remember someone who have faced such complexity and cases you have two options to go with wisdom if methodology of delivering the projects works or you can innovative change the exisiting challenge by making it for your benefit I advise you to do the following
1) finding way out means thinking out of the box if your are in management thinking other professionals fields and what makes manager misunderstood or how does it impacts negatively other professional efficiency like this tink about titles that are not even found online how do you get that by observation of your environment
2) do your best do not worry about an issues that makes you stress the most make it easy and plan your path first and second I'd suggested you to get events any professional even if you have an opportunity make it work for projects you will get motivations there
I hope this will help you out
But it up to you to be strong defend your work !!!

Answered 3 years ago

Write your appeal letter and be honest about what you believe about your submitted work. Then ask for any alternatives to make right what has gone wrong.

Answered 3 years ago

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