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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Supply Chain Engineer is responsible for managing current Intel PCB suppliers to deliver quality PCB on time to support Intel business operation. In this position, The successful candidate will be responsible to sustain supplier's manufacturing and their quality control in regular high volume manufacturing and new product ramp-up.

In addition, this engineer should be able to lead supplier root cause investigation and implement effective corrective action plans to minimize business impact while excursion happening. The technical leadership is also required to identify the supplier's CIP (continuous improvement plan) and YIP (Yield Improvement Plan).

This engineer will also need to work with PCB commodity managers, PCB material Engineers, and QRE (Quality and Reliability Engineers) to enable supplier's technical capability, production, availability, and quality of bare PCBs to meet Intel's PCB technology roadmap. Responsibilities include market intelligence across PCB Fabrication supply chain (such as PCB supplier technology/capability evaluations/qualifications, PCB raw material, PCB manufacturing equipment, and inspection instruments).

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

Own business unit and PCB supplier technical interface from new product introductions through end-of-life.
Own supplier technology and product qualifications at PCB suppliers to ensure process flow capabilities, verification of required metrologies, process Cp/CpK, and implementation of process controls.
Support supplier quality and process audit at existing and potential PCB suppliers and PCB material suppliers.
Deliver market intelligence on capability, capacity, and quality of new and existing suppliers across the PCB supply chain.
PCB fabrication, laminate materials, fabrication process equipment, and fabrication chemicals.
Own investigation and closure of supplier quality excursions and yields including Root cause analysis and corrective action verification with emphasis on Design for Manufacturability guidelines.
Own management and qualification of PCB Supplier process/material changes for cost reduction or reliability improvements. Including qualification plan definition, establishing acceptance criteria, data review, and verification.
Manage supplier materials and process technology and capability to support Intel programs and technology roadmaps.
Review and tracking of quality/performance metrics, management of technology qualification plans, implementation of quality systems, and project management of supplier capacity improvements.
Perform PCB design reviews using Valor or Cadence Allegro and providing design analysis for reliability, manufacturability, and quality.
Review of PCB stack-ups for process interactions and acceptability to manufacturing standards and Qualified Technology envelopes.
Assess PCB designs and provide recommendations for optimal performance at the lowest cost

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1)Purpose of partnership
2) benefits and aggrement between B2B and duty of both companies
3)market size and share issues
4)bussiness modeling your are following in paratnership
And many factors will need to be consider here is some information you need to consider
Before decision I will suggested you to do two thing I had make two companies to become bussiness partners but their target is in ISO certification and accreditation program so after auditing. They work together now here is practial suggettion to you
A) contact the company and ask details as depth as possible even their past background if you can
B) research about the company by your self in detail please take serious time on this and do it carefully
C) do not rely on single source of information about the company research deeply as possible even critical decision making times and know the commutators of the company as well to understand the strength and weakness as well how can you rely in quality issues too ...
Make it to deep this is not enough for me to state each consideration if you want an assistance request call .
Thanks in advance

To be hoenst let me ask some serous questions here
1)are you looking for investment or leadership investment in bussiness manner ?
2) do have clear bussiness strategy I am seeing like broken door with empty house where is your wisdom to lead companies like your need someone who know how to lead his own house properly as well as the bussiness maker don't say I do how to select someone says
" being best is not me your are the best in all by all but being the best means knowing your self and your final destination well " so I am saying know your final then you will figure out the answer to your selective let me help you by providing some from bible who selected 300/30000men means 10000:100 ratio you need this wisdom men you need this wisdom seriously so I recommend you do your best to select someone you need I also have some seriously warring point to as well
1) selection must need to based leadership nature not only qualifying professional you need to find someone who have or born leader
2) settled professional is cursial point you need go consider
3) full of wisdom and maturity specaily emotional and mentally matured professional
4) who know the bussiness well including challenging times and works

Study about your bussiness modeling in terms of
1)automated company level 5 (fully automated)
2) sizes and roles of the company directors and members of council and other company department but the major issued your need to considered this cases
a) companies sizes ,professional policies and the futurestic vision
b)company sizes and company marketing or digital marketing and more and also please address the CTO skills as this stated under
Own the demand generation aspects of the marketing team including paid and SEO
Manage dedicated specialists in digital disciplines
Working closely with our Product and Product Design teams to generate and implement iterative testing across the product and website
Generating a consistent regular cadence of experiments and test inline with the marketing and growth strategies
Owning the growth marketing reporting, providing regular updates on efforts and results
Managing budgets growth marketing budget
Working collaboratively with the marketing team to conceptualize, and deliver world-class campaigns
Providing regular input into wider marketing strategies and identifying further growth opportunities

As freelancer professional who do have multiple Jursidiction expertise there is common nature that you need to understand about bussiness leadership but the best to lead bussiness servant leadership is best method of leadership becouse you can lead your bussiness to success with making your employees to be like you just like you but not you means they are think ,they work even their visuals everything about your vision but understood their roles on your bussiness means they does not clash but change the chalshing challanges to your bussiness needs or goals or fuel to speed up bussiness and finally the bussiness for them become their heritage that is best way to achieve best bussiness success

Clarity of type of embedded software here is the types which one are you looking for ? Based on system types
Real Time Embedded Systems.
Stand-Alone Embedded Systems.
Networked Embedded Systems.
Mobile Embedded Systems.
Which software systems listed under
Embedded Bare-metal software.
Embedded Linux Software.
Embedded RTOS software and.
Embedded Networking software.

I would like to ask before answering
1)what type of online bussiness ?
2)what is your bussiness targets in midterm or Long terms
3)financial issues ?
And your trartget market
I'd would say it based on the industry and bussiness targets and management of your bussiness .first your bussiness model is determined by your goals and bussiness strategies in accordance to your bussiness needs .here some tips to understood your bussiness model compatibility to your bussiness needs
1) identify your bussiness needs vs market size
2)identity bussiness from consumer end
3) restructuring your bussiness model in accordance to maketing driven data like her some of makting research reports to make it but your tartget industry nature determining your bussiness model

I do understand your actual case I had remember someone who have faced such complexity and cases you have two options to go with wisdom if methodology of delivering the projects works or you can innovative change the exisiting challenge by making it for your benefit I advise you to do the following
1) finding way out means thinking out of the box if your are in management thinking other professionals fields and what makes manager misunderstood or how does it impacts negatively other professional efficiency like this tink about titles that are not even found online how do you get that by observation of your environment
2) do your best do not worry about an issues that makes you stress the most make it easy and plan your path first and second I'd suggested you to get events any professional even if you have an opportunity make it work for projects you will get motivations there
I hope this will help you out
But it up to you to be strong defend your work !!!

Planning your time ,schedule in accordance to your time setting as you want make it easy to get remembered like
1)2:00AM -8:00PM I am in work
2)3:00PM-2:00Am evening I take break or I am online university study
3)3:00PM-5:00PM I would take my time with family
4) 5:00PM I will read some books or study
5)5:30PM I will get to rest
6)6:00AM morning I will start my job again
Time management is all about doing this as your have stated on above not only principles if you do in best way it to profitable

Remote workers I am suggesting you to have
1) partner or companion
2)have best social relationship
Than you will solve the issues of loneliness
This is the best recommdations from life time or experience and also most professional also do that even an engagement with community can tackle it down

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