Because almost everything can be bought directly from China and it doesn't make sense to pay a premium just for branding when the brands are also manufacturing and shipping from China. Considering CAC is getting more expensive, are profit margins even sustainable in the long run? Plus competition from 100 other DTC stores selling the same thing

As the business environment and economy can vary drastically from one area to the next. That being said, if you're thinking of starting an ecommerce business, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you have a good product - If your products aren't good enough, no amount of marketing will help them sell. Make sure you're always testing and tweaking your products to make sure they're of the highest quality possible.

2. Be prepared for a long haul - Starting an ecommerce business is definitely not a quick fix - it's going to take a lot of hard work and dedication over time to see any real growth. Don't expect things to be easy from the get-go - it will take patience and perseverance on your part.

3. Get organized and stay on top of things - Running an ecommerce business requires a lot of diligence and organization - make sure you have everything under control from start to finish so that everything runs smoothly.

Whether or not starting an ecommerce business is right for you is ultimately up to you - but these tips should help get you started in the right direction!

Answered a year ago

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