whenever I think about something I do full research to see if it already exists but I always find the idea executed even better than what I thought of. Sometimes it took off and I'm like: "there is no way I can compete here", or it doesn't take off even if it's brilliantly done and I'm like: "there is really nothing I can do better than the competition to make it scale" Market research always take a lot of time and effort and then I just have to cancel the idea even before starting it :( How do I escape this loop please?


I have helped many startups and it is true that you should research an idea - well done for this - not everyone does it or does it well enough.

Do you start with the problem you are trying to solve (or pain or need or desire)? It depends of course if you are looking at B2C or B2B solutions but if B2B, have you tried finding one or people with the need? If you can get them to commit to purchasing your solution early then this is a good sign and can fund development. Development of product is then a large undertaking itself but totally doable with the right help.

This is a very big area for discussion and I certainly cannot cover everything here!

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Happy to have a call to discuss further.


Answered 2 months ago

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