I am a student of computer science in Nigeria. Where can I get my industrial training whilst receiving a monthly pay?

Preferably a foreign company with branches here in Nigeria.


This can be a great way to gain valuable experience. Here are a few suggestions to help you in your search:
1)Look for multinational companies that have branches or operations in Nigeria like IBM, Microsoft, Google and Procter & Gamble.
2) Explore job search platforms and websites such as Jobberman, NgCareers and Indeed.
3)Contact your university's career services department or placement office.
4)Utilize professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn.
5) Attend industry events and career fairs
Remember to build your resume and showcase your relevant skills .

Answered a year ago

Finding a modern preparation opportunity that gives a regularly scheduled pay can challenge, as pay for temporary jobs or modern preparation programs fluctuates relying upon the organization, area, and explicit conditions. Be that as it may, there are a few systems you can utilize to expand your possibilities finding a paid modern preparation position:

1. Research nearby organizations: Search for innovation organizations, programming improvement firms, new companies, or IT divisions inside bigger associations that offer modern preparation programs. Check their sites, work sheets, or vocation pages for entry level position open doors. Contact them straightforwardly to ask about paid positions.

2. Organizing: Tap into your own and proficient organizations to uncover likely open doors. Interface with software engineering experts, teachers, graduated class, and individual understudies who might have data about paid temporary positions. Go to work fairs, industry occasions, or tech meetups to extend your organization and find out about possible openings.

3. Online work entrances: Investigate well known work gateways and temporary position stages in Nigeria, like LinkedIn, Jobberman, NgCareers, or To be sure. These stages frequently list temporary job positions, and you can channel your hunt by indicating "paid entry level positions" or "modern preparation with remuneration."

4. Contact nearby innovation centers and hatcheries: Connect with innovation centers, cooperating spaces, or startup hatcheries in your space. These associations frequently have associations with organizations searching for understudies and might know about paid open doors.

5. College vocation administrations: Talk with your college's profession administrations division. They might have associations or assets to assist you with finding paid modern preparation positions. They can likewise give direction on setting up your resume, leading meetings, and working on your possibilities getting a paid temporary job.

6. Outsourcing or remote work: Consider investigating independent open doors or remote work in your field. Stages like Upwork, Consultant, or Toptal can interface you with projects that line up with your abilities, permitting you to acquire significant experience while procuring pay.

Keep in mind, paid entry level positions are cutthroat, so it's vital for clean your resume, tailor your introductory letter, and get ready for interviews. Underline your abilities, significant coursework, and any private tasks or commitments that exhibit your energy and obligation to software engineering.

Moreover, keep a receptive outlook and consider the general opportunity for growth and openness you can acquire from a modern preparation opportunity, as the abilities and information you secure can be significant for your future profession, no matter what the money related remuneration.

Answered a year ago

To find a paid industrial training or internship in Nigeria as a computer science student:

1. Check with your university's career services.
2. Network with professors, students, and professionals.
3. Use job boards and websites like Jobberman.
4. Explore opportunities on LinkedIn.
5. Visit company websites for listings.
6. Utilize internship search engines.
7. Look into government programs.
8. Research tech startups and IT firms.
9. Apply early and consider online freelancing.
10. Don't hesitate to cold outreach to potential employers.

Answered 8 months ago

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