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I am Chinthaka Bandara. My country is Sri Lanka. I have several degrees. BA, Law, Business and Computer Science. I am currently a first class teacher in a government school.

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Yes, you can build customer loyalty and encourage repeat patronage by providing excellent service, offering rewards, personalizing interactions, seeking feedback, and delivering consistent quality.

Popular software options for building an online party equipment rental marketplace include WordPress with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Sharetribe, OpenCart, and specialized marketplace software like Sharetribe or custom development based on your specific needs and budget.

Business development involves identifying growth opportunities and creating strategies for business expansion and revenue growth through activities like market research, sales, and partnerships.

UX research experience is valuable but not always mandatory for a Product Designer role. Expectations should align with the role's specific requirements and your organization's needs.

To find a paid industrial training or internship in Nigeria as a computer science student:

1. Check with your university's career services.
2. Network with professors, students, and professionals.
3. Use job boards and websites like Jobberman.
4. Explore opportunities on LinkedIn.
5. Visit company websites for listings.
6. Utilize internship search engines.
7. Look into government programs.
8. Research tech startups and IT firms.
9. Apply early and consider online freelancing.
10. Don't hesitate to cold outreach to potential employers.

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