When posting short-form videos to social media, is it wise to add the subtitles in-app using features native to each platform or add before upload?

Can you edit videos to include subtitles and then post the same video to all social media platforms (IG, FB, TT, etc)? Or is it better to edit them in-app with the platforms native tools?


You can use Captions, it offers correct transcription of texts and you can customize them to your choice

Answered 6 months ago

The decision to add subtitles in-app or before upload depends on your goals and preferences. Here are considerations for both approaches:

Adding Subtitles In-App:

Platform-Specific Features: Many platforms offer built-in tools for adding subtitles. This ensures compatibility and may provide additional engagement features.

Aesthetics and Customisation: In-app tools allow you to customise the appearance of subtitles according to each platform's style and user expectations.

Efficiency: Adding subtitles in-app can be quicker, especially if you're tailoring content for different platforms simultaneously.

Adding Subtitles Before Upload:

Consistency: Pre-adding subtitles ensures consistency across all platforms, maintaining a unified brand image.

Editing Control: External video editing tools provide more control over the appearance, timing, and style of subtitles, allowing for precise adjustments.

Time Efficiency: For large batches of content, pre-adding subtitles might be more time-efficient than doing it individually on each platform.


Automation Tools: Explore third-party tools that can automate the subtitle process, enabling you to add subtitles before upload while still saving time.

Platform-Specific Preferences: Some audiences prefer native subtitles, while others might appreciate a consistent, branded look. Consider your target audience's expectations.

Trial and Error: Experiment with both methods to identify what works best for your content, audience, and efficiency needs.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your workflow, the level of customisation you require, and your audience's preferences.

Answered 5 months ago

Here are a few key considerations when deciding whether to add subtitles in-app using native platform features or before uploading short-form social media videos:

Adding Before Upload:
Allows more control, customization, and ability to ensure accuracy of captions
But it is more time-consuming and requires additional tools and skills to create captions
It works for all platforms that don't have native caption support

Adding In-App:
Typically, it is very fast and easy to auto-generate captions
Accuracy can be hit or miss, depending on video content
Limited control and formatting options
Only works if platform has captioning capabilities built-in

Answered 5 months ago

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