What is the most cost effective way to acquire first 100 customers?

I run a marketplace where you can book locals from anywhere in the world to complete ANY type of task for you in their country, whether it's registering a new business, scouting a property, inspecting products or just shopping and shipping items. What are some organic, cost effective ways to market it and acquire first 100 customers?


Great question
IT depends on how fast you want/need to get them. You mentioned "organic" and "cost effective" - these are two very different methods.
Organic - you can do a lot of content (articles and videos) and this will get you leads/customers - but you will only start seeing the effects after 4-5 months.
Another option is to partner with other complimentary organizations who already have traffic - your service would compliment theirs.
You can also focus on posts on the platform on which your relevant target audience exists - for example LinkedIn or could post in groups (some are huge).
As for cost effective - the obvious channels like Google or FB ads are a bit expensive and if you don't know how to do them right, you'd be wasting money before seeing results. So I would try something a little more out of the box - for example: specific forums/whatsapp groups etc, where your target audience is active.
It all comes down to who and where your target audience is.
Good luck
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Answered 3 months ago

You have to have faith and good customer service its hard to get a first customer but after you get the first person as your customer and you did give her a good services he or she will be the one who will bring other customer to you

Answered 3 months ago

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