I'm writing to let you know about my concerns about recent communication difficulties with my father. As he's aged, my dad has become increasingly distant and hostile. Despite my efforts to connect, he refuses my calls and accuses me of being a "web hacker". When I tried to speak with our mother recently, he responded with hurtful cursing. I care deeply about my parents, but my dad's behavior has left me hurt and unsure of what to do next. Any advice or support you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I too have a had a rocky relationship with my parents throughout the years. Simplest advice I can give is work on yourself and how you choose to respond to things. You can’t change anyone especially your dad, so if you care for him, forgive him, be apart of his life as much as tolerable. If it makes you feel bad being around him, then keep your distance, and interactions brief. Maybe write him a email or text telling him how you feel. Prior to that, accept that he may never be able to respond how you want or have the ability to give you the relationship you need. Accept that, and learn to just live your life and let no one affect you. Good luck friend! 🐾

Answered 3 months ago

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