We target Canadian small businesses (<75 employees) who aren't hiring frequently enough to have internal recruiters, job posting discounts, or fancy tools. Our shortlisting services are flat-rate and 60-90% less than recruiting agencies. Things we're already testing: content marketing, guest posting, partnering with associations & CoC's, PPC, tradeshows, and a referral program. Looking for some creative growth hacking ideas. Thanks for the input!

Event marketing is pretty low hanging fruit. Create an event or meetup to target your small business customers. The event should be a based on a topic of interest to your customers. ie. A panel talk by local entrepreneurs giving growth tips. Also include a small networking reception as part of your event. As host of the event, you have the advantage of telling the audience more about your company and services during the introduction. You can make the events monthly or quarterly to ensure that you are constantly engaging with your customers.

Answered 7 years ago

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