ArticleEfficiently Launching Your New Web-Based Business Idea in 2017

Efficiently Launching Your New Web-Based Business Idea in 2017

So, you’ve got an idea for a new web-based business venture and you’re looking to get started on product development.

You don’t know a lot about the direction you’re going to take when building your product or what to do when it comes to market validation. But, you think your idea is a good one. After all, you’ve got some early anecdotal feedback reassuring you of this.

Before you approach investors, focus on building out and maturing your web-based business idea—which can be faster and cheaper than you’d think.

This is the exact situation we found ourselves in with The Audio Hunt around 2 years ago. We adopted the Lean Startup methodology and utilized SEBLOD—A web application builder for Joomla!—as our platform of choice to build and launc...

ArticleOperations and the Bottleneck of Innovation

Operations and the Bottleneck of Innovation

The Situation

Brad is a newly hired analyst for a mobile payments startup, He joined the startup ready to help conquer PayPal, Visa and anyone else in their way.

When talking about the company to friends, he gushed, and often referenced it as his company. To prepare for the role, he read books and articles about the importance of innovation and not being afraid to fail.

Brad vowed he would never let the fear of failure stand in the way of his creativity and his desire to innovate. Yet as the first quarter came and went, Brad had not found a chance to flex his creativity. He reassured himself with thoughts about the virtues of patience.

As the days wore on, he found himself spending a lot of time doing what his predecessor, Alan, no...

ArticleHow I Became Artificially Intelligent (and how you can too)

How I Became Artificially Intelligent (and how you can too)

I know a lot. Or rather, I know a lot more than I should naturally know. Specifically, I know a lot about people before I meet them – not through clairvoyance, but through artificial intelligence.

There is nothing strategic in this post. Just some practical suggestions about three tools I am using – Accompany,, and – to artificially enhance my intelligence.

As I have written about before, I spend a lot of my day networking with entrepreneurs and VCs about their ventures and prospective investments. And sometimes I lose track. Where did I connect with this executive? or, Who asked me to speak with this founder? I no longer lose track. In fact, I am usually ahead of the curve. Here’s how:

Accompany is a ...

ArticleCollabe: Helping Your Team Collaborate, Anywhere

Collabe: Helping Your Team Collaborate, Anywhere

If a company could receive Vitamin C, what form would it take? Coordination, collaboration, communication. Startup Collabe offers the three in one multipack, bundled together in the form of a “team communication platform designed to streamline internal communication for modern teams spread across the globe.”

Recently launched, Collabe aims to deliver that elusive, perfect mix of flexibility and organization that lets teams get work done with optimal efficiency. Availability across all platforms and devices starts Collabe off on the right foot.

Slack users will find noticeable similarities, which isn’t a bad thing – many of us have adopted Slack as our preferred communication tool. For Collabe’s part, it allows users to form teams, public a...

ArticleEspionage In The Era Of The Entrepreneur: How Safe Is Your Intellectual Property?

Espionage In The Era Of The Entrepreneur: How Safe Is Your Intellectual Property?

In a world where business moves at the speed of the IOT, and where data and passwords are more readily available online, entrepreneurs have a new obstacle to address: the protection of their intellectual property.

While corporations have the resources to hire top cyber security teams and implement software solutions that protect their collateral, criminals are increasingly taking an interest in small and medium sized businesses. The new targets have equally marketable data, designs and digital information that have value for criminals, and for foreign governments.

The question to ask: Is your business at risk?

The technology industry and foreign policy

In 1986, China began a program that has been loosely referred to as “shadow innovation”...

Article4 Ways Small Business Brands Can Win on Mobile

4 Ways Small Business Brands Can Win on Mobile

The mobile internet has been both a blessing and a curse for startups and small businesses looking to build their brands from the ground up.

Never before in history has achieving awareness and influence been so democratized. Truly any brand can have their 15 seconds of fame – or more. However, that’s also the curse. There is more noise than ever before to stand out from and drive awareness.

Therefore it’s not a surprise that when we recently asked over 500 startup & small business owners what their primary digital marketing objective was — their number one priority was to increase company and product awareness. It even beat out driving inbound leads and customers — go figure.

In order to achieve brand awareness...

ArticleApplications Open for Media Startup Accelerator Matter

Applications Open for Media Startup Accelerator Matter

This moment matters.

Matter has always set out to create a more informed, connected, and empowered society, and that mission has never been more important than today. Media is an integral part of democracy, but it faces unprecedented opposition. Even the core idea of truth itself is under attack.

When Matter launched in 2012, media was already struggling with falling revenues. We were inspired by Clay Shirky’s call — “now is the time for lots and lots of experiments” — and we built a place where those experiments could happen. But today, these existential problems are joined by new ones. Just 32% of Americans say they trust the media — an all-time low. Our media discourse is now dominated by fake news and even direct attacks from the gover...

ArticleHow to Create a Mobile App that Users Love with Mark Robinson & Sam Lee

How to Create a Mobile App that Users Love with Mark Robinson & Sam Lee

Mark Robinson and Sam Lee, the founders of Class.Travel, sat down with us to discuss how to launch and create apps that users love. The two met over tacos and Mexican beer, and stumbled upon the idea to create Class.Travel, a platform allowing you to easily book hotels.

Both have a background in computer science and have always wanted to start their own companies. Below they share their top ten tips on creating a user-friendly mobile app.

  1. Foster a pool of qualified users
    Find people who are interested in your product or service and really lean on them. Let them offer feedback, involve them in decisions, and keep them posted on news and updates. These people will be your first customers and potential investors down the line.
  2. Get advice from...

ArticleUbertesters: Making Beta Testing of Mobile Apps Easy

Ubertesters: Making Beta Testing of Mobile Apps Easy

There’s the developer’s vision of a mobile app and then there’s the reality of the app in the hands of users. The only way to make sure that the two are one and the same is to conduct beta tests.

If you find beta testing complicated – or you’re not even sure where to begin – then Ubertesters is the tool for you. Ubertesters is a cloud-based platform for managing the beta testing process of mobile apps “to ensure an accurate, fast and cost effective mobile testing process that results in a high-quality, flawless, mobile app.”

Figuring out if beta testing is right for your mobile app, as well as the perfect time for testing, is a good place to begin. Kissmetrics offers excellent recommendations to help make these decisions.

At some point, ho...

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