How to Get Your Product in a Major Retailer With Vanessa Ting


We were lucky to have Retail Growth Strategist Vanessa Ting share her tips for attracting major retailers for your startup project. Now with and Retail Path, she helps product companies strengthen their appeal to major retail buyers nationwide. Below are our 10 big takeaways.

  1. Build Sales Traction

Always collect sales data. Make sure to note your sell-through numbers and not just what is being shipped out. You can get creative with how you illustrate this to retailers, noting any increases in orders over time or PR that led to a spike in sales.

  1. Create Brand Awareness

It is important to make sure you have the marketing support to create a brand identity both in the store and out of it. Without this, your product will just coll...


Five Tips for Startups Pitching Retail: A Retail Executive’s Point of View


For a growing product startup, there is no better triumph than seeing your product on the shelves and online store of a billion-dollar retailer. It provides incredible social proof, validates your concept, and shows you’ve got what it takes to scale into a profitable business.

Unfortunately, for many startup founders, there exists a veil of mystery over what it actually takes to stand out to retailers in a crowded sea of established product companies and competing product startups.

Fortunately for you, we have the inside scoop from Rick Rommel, a partner at Sprosty Network and founder of RetailXelerator. Rick is a former Best Buy SVP, and was founder of its Exclusive Brands private-label business. He spent a decade both selecting and develo...


The 3 Key Ingredients of a Persuasive Retail Pitch


Pitching your product line to a retailer? There are so many areas to cover. Do you know which three facts matter most to the decision-makers?

The greatest challenge product companies face is convincing retail buyers your brand will sell. If you want shelf placement in Target, Walmart, CVS, or ANY retailer for that matter, your retail pitch (or as I call it, the Retail Story) needs to address retailers’ key needs. And their primary need revolves around mitigating their sales risk.

The following are the 3 most effective ways to show retailers how you will mitigate their sales risk as you’re pitching your product to retailers and stores:

#1: Demonstrate Sales Potential

The best way of showing how you will mitigate sales risk is by showi...

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