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by Wil Schroter

We don't do a great job of talking about the most important cost of starting a company - our mental and emotional well-being. Every bit of startup life chips away at our lives as a constant grind. It's a journey few of us truly appreciate until we are too far into it. It's time to start having a more open conversation about what it really costs to be a startup Founder.


by Marcello Miranda

Or, how to cash out without killing your startup in the cradle


by Irene Ryabaya

Irene Ryabaya, the co-founder of Monarq, discussing how to find a co-founder that is perfect for your startup and for you!





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Discover how managing stress can give your team a game-changing competitive edge.


CEO coach extraordinaire Diana Chapman reveals the surprisingly simple key to becoming a more plugged-in leader.


Learn the art of the "good brag" (and other essentials of effective communication) from executive presence coach Peggy Klaus.




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