Joseph PusserOperations Consultant

I combine the discipline and insights of a management consultant with the practicality of a sales trainer to deliver an impactful solution that moves the needle quickly. I served more than 400 customers during the last 4 years with 200+ reviews on my Fiverr page with an average 4.9 score. Was working in sales for the last 10 years and have changed multiple companies where I was always working in the business development department. Built 2 companies myself with a record of 20 new b2b customer acquisitions per month.

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WordPress is the most popular platform and it also better works for Search Engine Optimization.

Today it's all about Omni Marketing Effect and Search Engine Optimization.

If you want to rank higher in google - get the fastest one! My suggestion is the most popular theme ever, it's OceanWP + Elementor plugin.

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