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I promote high productivity alongside balance as they can work together with the right tools and philosophy.

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The major difference between a coach and a mentor is the purpose that each serves.

The mentor talks and gives advice mostly on principles and underlying philosophy about doing something. Even though, he/she has an established path of success there are no similarities, only resemblances. The mentor will make you aware of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, as well as of some ways of dealing with them.

The coach is your accountability partner. It's the one that will push you to move forward. The coach will make look straight at your b/s and assist you in overcoming it. The coach doesn't know what lies ahead but he will join you in your journey of exploration.

If you have both of them in your team, you are well on your way to success... be aware though, not to ask from either of them something that is not appropriate - (for eg. advice from the coach and accountability from the mentor!)

Hi there!
Being a trainer, coach or public speaker you have to realize that how well you perform is only a secondary issue.

The main interest that you should have in mind is the value that you deliver. If you are charismatic and flamboyant but your info stinks is of no good.

The mindset of great public speakers is this: "it's not about me, it's about how can I best serve my audience". Once, you get this, 90% of your nerves go away.

You are not on trial, you are a passionate person with a valuable message to offer. So, take yourself out of the equation and perform at your best, but keep in mind that the value you provide will make a difference in their lives.

And not lastly, I found a mantra that gets me in the best shape possible before a webinar... and it's this:
"It's showtime" :)))

As in, it's time to have fun, bond with my audience and deliver great content. You are, after all, talking about a subject that your passionate, right?

So, prepare well, enjoy yourself in the process and your audience will have a great learning experience!

Two questions:

1. If you could work for only 1 hour today, what will you spend your time on, and why is that your top priority?
2. How can you make sure that today you are 1% better than yesterday?
Priorities and continuos improvement will win the race in the long term.

The short answer is by getting your priorities right.

And for that you need to have your criteria properly set.

I have developed an instrument that takes into account the most important areas of a person's life:
- health and energy
- relations
- growth & evolution
- and of course... career

The simple answer is to set boundaries between these 4 areas and not cross them...

In my 5AM Coaching program I offer the following daily structure:

5AM to 7AM (Me time - exercise, water, breakfast, priorities for the day, journaling, affirmations)
7AM to 8AM (greeting the other members of the family, preparing to leave for work/school/etc)
8AM to 9AM (travel)
9AM to 6PM (intense & focused work - following top priorities and other productivity methods (e.g. Pomodoro technique))
6PM to 7PM (travel home)
7PM to 9:30PM (family time and/or friends time)
9:30 to 10PM (me time - finishing off the day, lessons learned, priorities for the next day)

7 hours of sleep... and continue from 5AM on...

This schedule that I follow together with all my clients is the answer.

For more info please see the site: www.5amcoaching.com

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