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Hello and thank you for your great question. As a former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Education and former School Board Trustee, I recommend that your questions be directed to the Superintendent of Schools for the jurisdiction you are wanting to establish a working relationship with your company. Another approach to consider is to attend School Board Association Conferences to network and to be a vendor at the Expositions e.g., https://www.nsba.org/Events/NSBA-Annual-Conference-and-Exposition. I have personally attended this conference and it is an excellent means to market your workshop offerings directly to those that serve at a governance level and other levels within a school jurisdiction. I believe you may need to consider some additional analysis work within your company to be sure you are moving forward effectively. I hope this information was helpful, and I would be pleased to assist you to navigate within the education sector. To your success! - Janice

Thank you for your great question. Three BIG THINGS! #1 - while exploring a niche or a specific target market have laser focus and evaluate as much as you can. #2 - what makes your product or service so unique that is stands out from all that is available in the marketplace? #3 - where are your potential clients? These BIG THINGS plus much more are part of evaluating your question which naturally is dependent on your answers and the current market position of your company. To your success - Janice

Thank you for your great question! I recently started the trademark process with my new company in Alberta, Canada. The best business practice advice I can offer is to work with a lawyer in the jurisdiction that you wish to obtain trademark registration. Ensure that the lawyer has solid trademark expertise and experience given that the application and registration processes are very technical and take a year or more. You can start out yourself to do initial trademark searches however, you will notice very quickly that you will need technical advice for your company to proceed in this direction without problems. I hope this information was helpful. I'm a phone call away if you need to chat!

Thank you for your great question. As a professional you should be connecting with others through the different local opportunities that bring together the business and not-for-profit communities to which you are interested in sharing your skills and knowledge. Also, generally to serve in a governance capacity on a Board as a Board of Director or in an advisory role it is an application process with an organization. Once you establish yourself with a Board opportunity at the local level, then people become more aware of your ability to lead and your specific expertise. I'm a phone call away if you need to have a chat!

Thank you for your great question. It turns out that I was exploring a similar question with my lawyer in Alberta, Canada. Best business practice advice was to hire a USA lawyer within the State your are intending to do business. Many larger law firms in Canada for example can refer to other firms in the USA. Also, there may be a level of firm-to-firm coordination for the business. Best regards with your situation.

Thank you for the great question. You may wish to consider asking yourself "what would be the best business practices for your wellness tourism platform?" Also, another consideration is that the customer's experience come first. As you are leading your customers through a booking experience, you have to try to find the balance between what is actually possible for the customer given the operational realities of a resort's protocols. I am confident that you can establish a seamless experience for your customers, just be very clear on the steps for a successful booking. Need to chat? I'm a phone call away.

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