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You will always be your best PR agency. Because if you can't sell yourself, then no one will be able to sell / market you.

In my experience, when I start something with money as the focus I fail. However when I work to create something amazing for others, I win and win big.

My advice is to focus on creating value (amazing value) and then the money, exclusivity and $300 /hourly rate will flow to you.

Imagine for a moment a PR firm getting you XYZ celebrity / billionaire client. If you can't deliver on creating value for that client you will never retain them as a customer.

Use price as a strategy to position you (the brand) and then never stop creating more and more value for others.

I hope this helps.

First thing to remember is that you don't need to be a 'charismatic' leader to be successful.

I believe that when you speak from the heart about something you are passionate about and your goal is to help someone other than yourself (eg. employees, customers, community, etc...) your true charisma which we all possess will come to light.

I hope this helps

As a branding expert I don't like it for the reason it is too hard to remember, spell and share.

That being said focus on the business and spend little time with the name, many people get 'stuck' with finding the perfect name when they have not tested the viability of their product, service or business.

Hope this helps.

People want to be a part of something exciting that matters.

I like to position my offer to talent in such a way that they understand the impact they will have on changing the industry / world / people, etc.. .

Hope this helps.

Planning and scheduling my day the night before - you cant jump in the car for a road trip without an idea of where you want to be that night

Eating good food - You are what you eat, if you eat crap you will feel like crap, you think like crap and you look like crap. (shameless plug: snack on AMRAP Refuel Bars - check on

Light AM workout - Just something to move the blood and start the brain.

Read - I'm super dyslexic and cant read, but listen to 50 audio books per year (at 5AM to 6AM while foam rolling)

Solution focused - If i think of a problem, within 60 seconds i switch my thinking from problem based to solution base "what am i going to do to fix this?"

Evaluate my day - each night I ask my self the following questions, and keep a short log (take 3 minutes):
What three things did I do well today?
One thing I need to do to improve tomorrow?
How will I make the needed improvement?
Rate 1-10, priority one (family) process goal completion
Rate 1-10, priority two (business) process goal completion
Rate 1-10, priority three (personal) process goal completion
Rate 1-10, am I solution focused (think solution within 60 seconds of problem).
Rate 1-10, was I accountable today (discipline / integrity ).
Rate 1-10, 100-sec mental workout every AM and PM (gratitude, visualize, what I am going to do in the next 24 hours to make it happen)
Work strategic plan? Yes/no

Weekly Goals - Set them on Monday, Review them Wednesday, Rate yourself on Friday

I can keep going ... but need to get to work! Good luck and check my goodread page, read any book I give a 5-star as those I plan to read again in the future.

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