Suzanne NatbonyI'm a business lawyer with 5 years of experience.

My professional experience has included extensive research, writing, editing, analysis, negotiation, strategic planning, advising and implementation. I am a transactional and regulatory/compliance lawyer, licensed in CA, with a well-versed and diverse background practicing law across multiple business sectors, including, healthcare, entertainment and real estate. She has advised physicians, allied health professionals, entertainment talent, architects, business executives, and other professionals on a variety of business matters, including acquisitions, intellectual property rights and a variety of corporate, business and employment contracts. In addition to practicing law, I have garnered entrepreneurial and managerial experience working in-house for three startups, since 2008.

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It is likely that google copyrights its images and that your work would be considered a derivative, which is infringement. You might argue fair use or that it's not copyrightable because it's not creative enough, but that is likely a losing argument. Try getting your own non-infringing photos.

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