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Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell (Crazy clothes vintage store that provided their fashion) Prince Charles (commissioned for photography of him and mosaic scheme), Fa Cup, Red Pr Firm, Desmond Tutu foundation, and a string of investors.

I am an Experienced Chief Executive Officer, digital marketer and creative, working with various different brands and business elites. Recently asked to submit my business to the Prime minister and his business advisor, with a blog (redebonyhotspot) that has over 370,000 hits and in talks with investors of turning it into an App. I have worked with one of the producers of Good morning Britain and was asked to be a digital advisor for the Financial times. Navigating in a bustling market full of insight and dynamic ideas. I have a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Skilled in Photography, Copywriting, Advertising, Proofreading, and Celebrity Event Management.

A Strong media and communication professional with a Combined honours degree in journalism and sociology a btec in media production, focused in Journalism and sociology,a masters in filmaking from University of East London and a masters in international business at the university of Anglia Ruskin. Represented by Agent Fox, and currently working with a list of contributors for the Redebonyhotspot blog and Redebony network that include columnist from Vogue Japan, Record label producer Chris Rockall, Investor Ron Luberman, investor Janice Varney Hamlin and many more.

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Hello Otatade Okojie here the first thing I'd say is lean in on your strengths and research, research,research. Research your niche. Research what your interested in, which markets you would like to deliver a product to, what you see as your strengths and how you can cater to a gap in the market. What is your unique selling point? For example Max has a passion for blogging and delivering content. He decides he likes we design but also he'd like to learn how to design templates and themes for blogsites and websites. So he does some research first,does a course, masters his craft, creates his own website and starts developing a database of clients. What are his potential clients looking for, what could he use to attract them, and have them engage him in a dialogue about his offering. Where can he find them? Through an add campaign,through a social media reach out, advertising in groups, advertising in magazines, chat groups, engaging them in the comments, posting links, introducing his services in chatrooms.

Hello Otatade Okojie here you've just completed your paid ios App congrats. First of all just remember the old adage content is always king. The more content you provide that's of value, the more the algorithm on Google or any other platform heightens your profile. Great ways to promote your paid ios App is social media articles. Research Popular articles in your niche linked to your app, what headlines, hooks and content are going viral, can you create your own content capitalise on hook and sneak in a picture of your app.
With cool headlines?
How about? Hottest new apps sneak attack on the Market
Hot new app blowing consumers away
Hot app fueling hot gossip
Hot new app about to send the internet into a tail spin
Has Facebook met new competition?
Money Markets meet cash ready app?

Also you can write how to columns and tutorials on a freelance Magazine. Articles on how to design an app, step by steps, consistently recommending your app, keep a data capture form, and have people's info to sign them up freemium to your app. So you get their data , they are trialing the app for 30 days, 10 days, or so, yet either way, you still have their info so incase they forget, you have a way to cash in.

Have a newsletter, the newsletter has the same impact. To deliver a stream of content to inspire them to get familiar,get comfortable,allow you to capture their data on data capture forms, so you can either market multiple products to them, or get them on Freemium.

Share the app through your social media content,post the link in comments,groups, webinar groups, any groups you can. Do paid advertising.
Do a podcast a YouTube video
Go for viral content
Go for consistency
Request shares,ask familiar contacts like family, friends, colleagues to share with 5 to 7 people. Have each person share with 5 people.
Do marketing campaigns
Get influencers involved and if your not too cash strapped go for a digital marketing company.

First of all remember that as a consultant the key is to be well researched about your niche and well researched about your market. Utilise the power of linkedin. Have an amazing website with awesome content and data capture form, use Quora and other question and answer forums, answer questions and consistently post a link to your website. The more traffic you have. The more leads the better. Have an appointment setter service. Have a calendar app to schedule in and set up your appointments, be ready to give your best service and follow up. Follow up consistently. You want to not make the mistakes I made early on which was not following up, the money is in the follow up. It's not a firm yes for your services on the first call.
Keep posting good content, informative content, content thats resourceful, but don't give them all the answers, you need to make them really thirsty then come to you for water. Its like forcing someone to play in sand all day and saying nope sorry all the other houses are lovely, but my house is the only one with running water. Put ads out on social media, Facebook,twitter,linkedin, Instagram, YouTube,tiktok,and the others, advertise in groups, send private messages. Also send a video message. Video messages get more engagement.Give out flyers, and brochures, Do presentations,do speaking events, speak at webinars, podcasts,tutorials,e conferences,write an e book, or a mini chapbook out as a promo service. Get people to subscribe to your newsletter or magazine and through that offer consultation or share your services with a freelance Magazine.

Hello Otatade Okojie here Marketing and sales will always be a profitable niche because they are relevant, they are key and in consistent demand. A marketing course on udemy with bitesized manageable and animated syllabus engaging content, illustrations, including one with sales , some data, and some analytic, how to strategy tips, and ideas, pitch ideas, how to turn around rejection ideas, how to close ideas, how to Monetise products on different platforms, and work the algorithms, will always be a hot sell. Audiences love this type of content. Sales challenges them, it forces them to engage, it forces them to connect, to step outside the bracket and outside their comfort zone. Marketing teaches them how to build profile, how to be seen, how to translate content into viable commercial products for economy.Research first of all what challenges your candidate is looking for? What would you like to sell them? What courses could add value , could make an impact? Could give them more transferable skills. Could these courses give them a job that your providing, improve their sales skills, their business to business engagement, their leadership skills, their commerce skills, maybe you want to teach about branding? What impact could your course have on their finances? How could you improve their life providing more access?

Make sure it's bringing in revenue. Ideas and concepts are fantastic, and investors rarely, I've had two experiences where investors offered business loans or funding for a project. Yet in general most entrepreneurs would have to create a business concept with a plan both marketing, and plans for interactive enagement both off and online bringing in regular capital.The more revenue your company brings in, the more your likely to get a return, make sure you have a good lineup of revenue so the investor can see returns, business community, clients, partners, jv's joint ventures , colaboration partners. Have a ready business eco system if your smart. A great business is one that operates like a community, and has an active network. It will always be seen as a resource, it will always be needed and seen as an asset in one way or another.

Hello Otatade Okojie here there are millions of students visiting online courses every year. Millions their spending more time producing more detailed and getting more successful outcomes from their studies, it's a chance for flexible learning, to engage and navigate the platform seeking as much support online as they can to potentially collaborate in online study groups, have mentors, be part of workshops, to get certified and access more variety courses, have access to more dynamic courses, and capitalise on more creative resources. There are new versions of syllabuses created online, better interactive learning, modules become more snack sized, data or info becomes more user friendly.

Hootsuite , app and tailwind app these are great scheduling apps. They help organise the outreach process including scheduling,commenting, building engagement.
Things I'd recommend.
Like other people's posts back. Comment and show genuine interest and insight, provide resources where you can, the Google algorithm and their algorithms will rank you higher. The more you show your an active member of the community the more you get seen. Show up to stay up. It's that thing where you go to church and all the regular church goers get special treatment,because their active participants, or the teachers pet at school is always getting out forward for stuff and getting extra credit, because he's doing extra stuff. Algorithm likes busy on any platform . Content is always king. Yet you must research the algorithm, know keywords, SEO, and research all the best ways to rank higher in the search engines. The higher you rank, the more you'll be seen, the more profile you'll get, the more profile, the more revenue.

Hello Otatade Okojie here a good place to start is by researching your candidate and looking for a gap in the market. As you are looking at ed tech, you want to create a platform where you can engage the audience and quickly capture the data quickly. Have a strong strategy for sourcing content and engaging your key target audience. What is the theme of the platform?
What are the topics? What areas of education are your niche audience focussed on ? Who is your demographic? What will they be learning on the platform, what will your platform be providing that they won't be getting anywhere else? Is it speed learning? Certificates? Access to work placements, apprenticeships, internships? What is your offering? What are the strengths of the platform? What is its unique selling point? Have you thought about the different processes. Have you planned it? From brand design, inclusion of logo, market strategy, engagement, content pitch,.promotional content and hooks that could encourage influencers and candidates to share promo messages.

Hello Otatade Okojie here it's all about content, engagement and shares. The videos are supposed to be minimum 10 minute videos.

I think the trick to crowdfunding is to make it interactive and have a good offering. If you have a magazine, sell advertising space, if you have a brochure or a flyer sell a space in there for businesses to advertise in, do an event and get paid for it, hold a dinner and get paid for it, host a speaking gig that is themed, a webinar, hold an econference ask people to sponsor you,do a podcast, sell some books, create a club and offer membership to it, hold a series of roundtable networking events.
Also actively utilise the power of social media, promote and ask others to share your articles post and content, tag people, engage people through messages. Ask to have sit downs through zooms, and do research and producing viral content. Remind yourself that there are people out there who would want to submit funds to my campaign, they just need to see my campaign. Go for ultimate visibility. Videos on YouTube, linkedin and all the other platforms. Videos are more engaging and more emotive be a storyteller.

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