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An energizing business advisor. Former innovation director at Oxford Innovation. Helped dozens of SMEs to unlock growth potential. Started and run my own businesses. A tenacious business developer - outgunned billion $ multinational competitors to secure contracts for my mobile commerce startup. Adept at finding revenue opportunities in challenging times.
- Innovation strategy
- Inspiring bigger vision with realism
- Identifying the most important customer priorities.
- Identifying impactful value propositions
- Achieving low cost early traction / sales
- Winning key clients and partners
- Handling challenging / contentious team & business partner dynamics
- General business advice

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Give your app to 5 or 10 students and provide an easy way for them share it with friends. If they don't share it ask them why and you will learn a great deal about what needs to be changed so that they start sharing it. If they do share it, ask them why and you will learn about what to do more of.

You must be seen as a person of value. Why should they pay you and what benefit will they get? Figure out what their problems are start suggesting solutions (free of charge) to your contacts at the company. You want them to think: 'This person understands what is important to me and makes wise suggestions, I'd be stupid to not consult them'

My honest answer is that I read the bible every day and it gives me courage to proceed even when times are dark and scary. I'm not promoting religion but simply saying what is true for me.

I have never hired sales people at startup but have had to convince other top quality people (including a senior Trip Advisor developer) to join. Here's my advice:
1) It is best if the founders get out and do the initial selling
2) If you do have to hire a sales person at the startup stage, DO NOT settle until you find a skilled one who is also genuinely passionate about your business....this is hard but worth it.
3) Offer them serious upside via big commissions and/or equity.

An investor will put money into a business that they think will give them a profitable return. To convince then you will need to explain why or prove that people with use your app in large enough numbers to make it investment worthy.
Who are your target users?
Why will they use use your app over the alternatives?
Have you tested the MVP or at least the concept with users and what were the results?
These are the preliminary questions I would ask as an investor in deciding whether to continue the conversation.
Good luck with your venture!

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