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I am a startup mentor and business consultant for early stage startups and a policy advisor, particularly focusing with my work on the promotion of entrepreneurship
Prior to that, I was co-founder and CEO of UP-Production, a media production company located in Cologne, where he was responsible for planning strategic business objectives and implementing new systems within the company.

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I am a startup mentor and business consultant for early stage startups.

There are different approaches which might work here. For $20/deal it's not very much you can do to close deals and it is questionable if you should get sales reps with such a deal size.

So, if you can't get reps....what can you do?

There are two questions here which you should answer before hand to get a better understanding of your sales:

1) How do you determine whether your leads have real potential and are ready to close the deal?

This questions is quite important, because you don't have the time and recourses to follow up on leads which don't have any potential or are not fitting your own profile. You should definitely take a look into lead nurturing/scoring and make sure that you pre-filter your leads and break them down into the leads which have a high chance to buy your product.

2) How do leads reach you?
There are various sales workflow products which will help you send out some automatic emails.

I hope that this will offer you some more insights. Feel free to reach out to me, so I can answers your questions more specific.

3+ years Entrepreneur - Startup Mentor - Startup Sales Leader

Before you approach investors, I would answer the following the questions which will be asked by any (almost) any investor:

(1) Does my product have a Product/Market fit?
(Here is some help:

(2) How will make money? Do you know how your business will work?
(Here is some help:

The best platform to search for investors is Furthermore, get active in your local startup community and meet with local investors. Try to find them via FB, TW or startup events.

I hope this will answer your questions. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how difficult this can be :( But there is hope! :)

Keep in mind:
An organisational structure is never a solid and completed piece of work. Moreover, it remains flexible and adjustable as you grow and add new team members.

To get started, I would suggested the following approach:

(1) Determine whats already in place
Take a closer look at which positions are currently set and which roles will be needed in the next 3/6 months.

(2) Define which kind of organisational structure you wish to have
Hierarchical structure: A tall structure will have many different levels of employees all reporting upwards to team leaders and then up to operational management.

Flat structure: Flat organisational structure has fewer layers of management and wider spans of control. This means operatives can access and communicate with managers more easily and quicker. As a startup, this is what you want to achieve.

(3) Fill the typical top 5 roles, for example: (Depends on the type of startup)

Sales Director
Marketing Director
Head of Engineering

I hope this will give a better overview of how to tackle this situation. Please let me know if you have any further follow up questions.

Here are some interesting links:

I would differentiate between the following hunters and farmers:
Hunters are salespeople whose main responsibility is to bring in new business for a company, be it by cold-calling over the phone or by going door to door.
Farmers focus solely on existing accounts, ensuring their needs are being met and often finding new ways to sell their company's services to their clients.

Typical roles:
Sales Representatives: Sell products
Sales operations analyst: Everything around the sales process
Business Development: Developing and implementing growth opportunities between multiple organizations.
Account Manager: Takes care about the current clients and their needs

If you need any further help on sales roles or in general about sales, please feel free to contact me.

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