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0. Talk to both of your customers.

1. Talk to the resorts but more importantly speak with your users. Understand the type of experience they want.

2. On your backend you have to think about Risk / Reward factor of trying to integrate into different reservation systems

Generally you will start with 10M shares with a par value of 0.00001 per share which values the company at $100. This is pretty standard for a C-Corp

How long has it been since you started the company?

The one thing you must accept is that each and every company has their own style meaning it might be flavors of agile/scrum, kanban, waterfall. Before you sell understand how they operate and it may be working for them even though you think otherwise.

Ultimately, it's what the engineering team is most comfortable with and their level of experience

If you want to chat. Happy to dig in deeper.

People talk to people they like but people do business with people they trust.

You don't actually sell them on anything you provide insight and help them on what's best for them even though it may not create an immediate sale you are building a relationship which will develop over time.

You should use MixPanel SDK and configure it to understand user behavior. Also use deep linking from for deep linking.

There is a very simple way to think about this.

1. What are you good at? What skills do you have? What do you have work experience in?

2. Of the problems you have found which ones do you have subject matter experience with?

3. Then talk that about that specific idea with people around you. You will start with A by the time you talk to people you will be at Z

4. You need to make sure the problem is a large one and something people actually want. There is a difference between wants and needs.

If you say: Customer needs something
You have to educate them on why they need it which costs $$$$

If you say: Customer wants something
You can put a wall between them and they will go and buy it

Happy to chat further and dumb things down for you.

You are not doing anything wrong you are actually doing all the right things.

I took a look at what you are trying to build. That is where you need to do some work.

1. Books today are relatively inexpensive. So what would the cost be to rent vs buy? Rent vs buy used?
2. Why not go to the library?
3. You can buy used, no?

As a Non-Technical founder I don't see the problem

I can relate to you as I am a Non-Technical founder. The way to handle it is ask questions to both your Technical founder as well as the engineers.

You allow your Technical founder to manage the tech team.

You are the product manager so what you need to understand are the the complexities of different items so you understand the time it will take.

1. Short term items: bug fixes, optimization, etc
2. Long term items: features based on your product roadmap.

Long story short, you let your technical founder run the engineering team. You don't manage them.

I built a social discovery platform to help pregnant and new moms discover, find and buy baby products. Since this is a MVP I suggest the quick and dirty method.

Quick and Dirty:

Buy a Wordpress template (they come responsive), style it to what you are trying to do. Become an Amazon affiliate to pull the products. You or someone else write about the beauty products. That is your MVP.

Long term items to think about:

1. Regardless if you have an App or a responsive website you will need a Content Management System.

2. Depending on the demographics you are targeting it will dictate what to build. More likely build an App for the long haul.

3. How will they accessing the app or site? Will you be sending weekly newsletters? or weekly push notifications?

4. What do you want the women to do on the platform? Discover then buy?

5. Where will you be finding the products from? You could use Amazon API or Viglink API to bring in the products and make commission.

If you want to discuss further shoot me a message.

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