What makes someone a good salesperson?


People talk to people they like but people do business with people they trust.

You don't actually sell them on anything you provide insight and help them on what's best for them even though it may not create an immediate sale you are building a relationship which will develop over time.

Answered 6 years ago

It is the capacity to restart oneself over and over again. If we are talking about Sales, this is No. 1. You have to start from 0 to get to 1. And Marketing is somehow the City of Sales you have to be able to create. You won't be successful in it if you don't understand the ability to sell. Just learn it day by day! The quality has to be trustworthiness. If you can't be trusted you are a bad Salesperson and you'll decrease the image of salespersons.

Answered 6 years ago

I've been asked this question countless time over my 2 decades of selling experience. Space here is limited so here are 3 keys: 1: Know Your Product Features Cold But Sell The Benefits. Can your customers see and verbalize how their situation will be improved by purchasing your product? 2. Create a BUYING EXPERIENCE that your customers will enjoy. There's a great chef at my local italian restaurant but the place is a dive. So, I don't eat there. 3. Be REFERABLE. Even if you sell the benefits and create an enjoyable buying experience your clients may not refer new business to you. A referral is a salespersons pot of gold. Know how to create the a "referable moment".

Answered 6 years ago

What makes someone good at anything? Well, what makes anyone good at anything. It takes hard work, dedication, and grit. You need to study the craft of sales and study your personality. I will be honored to teach you the basics. I have 3 years of sales experience and success to help you. If I can do it as a 21 year old I’m sure I can help you do better!

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The ability to close. The ability to meet a need. The ability to communicate the value of a product or service. The ability to not take rejection personally or think that the buyer is doing you a favor. I base these points on building successful sales teams, identifying new sales channels and earning #1 on a national top 100 sales list and entering the list at #5. I have also achieved #1 in regional sales. To succeed you must not rely on leads presented but identify leads untapped. I have incorporated the sales mindset in business development in many industries including automotive and membership development and over two decades. We should talk for more specific advice.

Answered 6 years ago

IQ makes a good salesperson. EQ on the other hand will make you a successful salesperson! IQ gets you the account/client/sale. EQ not only helps to build the trust but gets you repeat business/referrals as well..which is the best gift in any "sales" job. So, a combination of IQ + EQ makes a good successful salesperson. Hope this helps. Cheers.

Answered 6 years ago

The best quality in a good salesperson is their internal drive as well as them becoming students to their products. The days of selling with features and benefits is over with. Anyone can search a product and learn about it. A salesperson is that strategic value added that will be more of a consultant than a salesperson.

Answered 6 years ago

Someone with a solution selling strength and the ability to build rapport, build trust in relationships. Solution selling is essentially the ability to conduct a needs assessment of the customer's problem, to then identify in essence the possible solutions that will help solve their problem. But a great sales person will then not only identify the customers needs, but create an understanding of their wants, and upsell/cross sell multiple solutions and or products.

An exceptional sales person will build trust in their relationships to the extent that their customers become "sneezers" as Seth Godin calls them. This is when the customers spruik the brand / product to their network. So, an exceptional sales person delivers the beyond the customer need, to essentially create a customer experience.

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In the dynamic relationship between empathy and ego drive, each must work to reinforce the other. The companies were hindered in the preselection process by flaws in the prevailing forms of aptitude testing. Test takers could easily give answers they knew the test givers wanted to hear, in part because the tests sought to identify psychological traits rather than the personality type most capable of selling. After the expenditure of millions of dollars and 35 years of research, the turnover in the insurance industry remains approximately 50% within the first year and 80% within the first three years. It was the obvious need for a better method of sales selection that led us to embark on seven years of field research in this area. The article that follows is based on the insights we gained as to the basic characteristics necessary for a salesman to be able to sell successfully.
Ability to feel. Empathy, the important central ability to feel as the other fellow does to be able to sell him a product or service, must be possessed in large measure. Having empathy does not necessarily mean being sympathetic. This is the salesman with poor empathy.

This is the salesman with good empathy. He senses the reactions of the customer and can adjust to these reactions. He is not simply bound by a prepared sales track, but he functions in terms of the real interaction between himself and the customer. Sensing what the customer is feeling, he can change pace, double back on his track, and make whatever creative modifications might be necessary to home in on the target and close the sale.

The second of the basic qualities absolutely needed by a good salesman is a particular kind of ego drive that makes him want and need to make the sale in a personal or ego way, not merely for the money to be gained. His self-picture improves dramatically by virtue of conquest and diminishes with failure. Because of the nature of all selling, the salesman will fail to sell more often than he will succeed. Thus, since failure tends to diminish his self-picture, his ego cannot be so weak that the poor self-picture continues for too long a time.

A subtle balance must be found between an ego partially weakened in precisely the right way to need a great deal of enhancement and an ego sufficiently strong to be motivated by failure but not to be shattered by it. The salesman’s empathy, coupled with his intense ego drive, enables him to home in on the target effectively and make the sale. He has the drive, the need to make the sale, and his empathy gives him the connecting tool with which to do it.
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