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If you're launching a growth agency and want to develop killer marketing strategies for your clients, a comprehensive marketing audit service is the way to go. Basically, it's all about digging deep into your client's business and marketing efforts to gather key info that will inform your marketing strategy.

To do a comprehensive marketing audit, you'll want to follow a structured process that covers all the important bases. That means researching things like your client's current marketing efforts, their competitors' marketing strategies, their target audience, and their marketing and business goals.

Once you've gathered all that info, you can start putting together a rock-solid marketing strategy that takes everything into account. That might mean recommending specific types of content, identifying the best performing marketing channels, and outlining a plan for tracking and optimizing results.

At our video production studio, we're all about helping our clients develop and execute video marketing strategies that really work. And it all starts with a comprehensive video marketing audit that gives us the insights we need to create a strategy. We start by reviewing their current video strategy, analysing their existing video library to identify areas for improvement, performing a SWOT analysis, and then developing a set of clear recommendations that the client can implement to improve their video marketing.

You can take a look here to see how we use video marketing audits to help our clients: www.animotionstudio.com.au/video-marketing-audits/

So you're looking for ways to find qualified leads for your video production company, but you're not sure what the best approach is? No problem! Here are a few ideas that could work:

Send targeted emails: Research potential clients who could use your services and send them personalized emails that speak to their needs. You can use free tools like Mailchimp to create and send campaigns.

Use LinkedIn: LinkedIn can be a goldmine for finding new clients. Look for businesses or individuals who fit your target audience and reach out with a personalized message. You might need to sign up to LinkedIn navigator for this to be effective.

Cold call: It may not be the most fun option, but cold calling can be effective. Research potential clients and have a script ready. Be ready to answer questions and offer a free consultation.

Create content: Show off your skills by creating high-quality content like blog posts, videos, or social media content. This can be a slow burn as you build up your audience, but can be an effective, and affordable lead-generation strategy.

Attend events: Attend industry events and network with potential clients.

Finding high-quality leads takes time and effort. Stay patient and focus on building relationships with potential clients rather than just trying to make a quick sale.

At www.animotionstudio.com.au I focus on building long-term relationships with my clients, so that they trust me as their go-to video person, and they often recommend my studio to their networks.

A well-made explainer video is more likely to get people to buy your stuff than a low quality one. When a video looks professional and has good content, it makes the brand look better and customers are more likely to trust it. Plus, if the video is interesting and easy to understand, people are more likely to take action, like buying the product or service being offered. And let's not forget about the emotional factor! A video that connects with people on an emotional level is more likely to make them want to take action. But of course, there are no guarantees in marketing and other factors like the target audience and marketing strategy can play a big role too!
If you're looking for examples of high-quality explainer videos, be sure to check out www.animotionstudio.com.au.

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