How to I find qualified leads for my video production company?

I have tried a lot of stuff: FB ads, SEO, Google PPC, and more. Some have worked (PPC and SEO) while others have failed (FB ads) However, I feel its time to work on cold sales and build a quality lead list - what is the best, most cost-effective way to do this?


Do pro-bono work with brands and influencers locally.

You have to figure out your angle (and maybe you have)

But I personally would begin to network with small businesses in the area who have worked with influencers. I would go in an say that I want to enhance the work that's being done with influencers to increase their ROI -- in that relationship you now have two people-- the influencer who is going to need ongoing work and the business and brand that could hire you separately depending on your work.

I don't think spending a ton of time on advertising when you are a creative is the best route to go-- you need to be creating and leveraging relationships.

Make no mistake though-- when money starts coming in you better HIRE someone who specializes in advertising ASAP. If you could have figured it out, you would have already-- accept that it's a weakness for you and move on to what you know how to do best.

Hope this helps you with some initial ideas!

Answered 2 years ago

Hire a specialist who can create custom list based on your specification.
Make sure the list you procure follows the following for best results:

1) You own the rights.

2) vendor can't sell the contacts to anyone else

3) They are all legitimately obtained and comply with CAN-SPAM and GPDR regulations

4) They're relevant to your product/service

Low cost list is a reflection of illegitimate contacts being sold and resold and obtained through illegal practices.

So take help of someone like me :)

Answered 2 years ago

Looks like you've done some legwork already, which is great because a portion of your answer lies in the work you've already done.
Who has been receptive to your past efforts?
What roles do they have?
What insights did they offer in terms of what they're looking for in projects and a video production company?
What messages of yours seemed to resonate more than others?
Now extend that into building a focused list. For example, maybe it's CMOs in a specific vertical that love your 3-minute storytelling. Or perhaps its early stage companies that are looking for crowdfunding videos.
Armed with that ideal customer, either do the research yourself--digging through websites and resources--or buy a list with some specific parameters.
If you wish to discuss, send me a PM through Clarity for 15 free minutes.

Answered 2 years ago

I would work with local businesses where you can actually go into a business cold and sit down with someone. Anyone who owns a business is constantly getting hit up by Google Ads calls, people trying to sell SEO, merchant processing, etc. I think seeing someone face to face will instill more confidence and also seperate you from everyone else trying to sell them services.

Personally I might suggest focusing on dental offices. My girlfriend works for a dental office so I have some insights into their industry. At least in my area, ie Chicago suburbs, dentists are clueless about marketing, building websites, advertising, etc.

They all seem to go to these same conferences in Texas and they all share the same bad knowledge with each other. Her dentist is paying something like $250 a lead to 1-800-Dentist and the leads are absolute crap. That money put into even a short video ad which would do wonders to rank on Google as well as could be used in FB ads, Youtube Ads and other formats would be so much better spent IMHO.

I'm actually looking into starting kind of a full service marketing agency specializing in working with dentists ie building websites, handling their social media and PPC advertising, etc. I think video could be very powerful with them, especially since many people are fearful of dentists so showing a dentist in a more human way, personalizing them, showing a bit of their bedside manner I think would go a long way in converting video viewers to clients.

Answered 2 years ago

Consider hiring a PR. That way you can focus more on the business side of your business. There are many PR graduating out of college that would love to put their skills to work. Zip recruiter is a great place to start.

Answered 2 years ago

I concur with all these great insightful suggestions
May be some more tips:
Answers to these questions would help you get a clarity
for your lead generation strategies
a. Your ideal target audience or ideal target customer
(dont be everything to everybody-- you can have clusters but better to focus on one or two profitable groups
b. What has been your free promotion material that brings in the foot falls
c. have you identified the Top 3 problems the face while they outsource their video production to you
d. How do you solve them differently when compared to your compettitors
e. Do you know how do they reach out and select a video production company --- How do they buy
f If you have identified these 3 problems -- have you put them in your communique Does that resonate with them

g. Do some data mining (as you have tried FB,Google etc
What has worked in the past--- Who is your ideal target customer How big is this market and how do you communicate and get them on board
h. What products do you have for upselling or cross selling or backend selling-- if you already have a steady base
i: Offer some thing radical that is not being offered by your competitors
j: Do you have a "Customer Delight Program" so that you can get referrals and testimonials from your happy customers

Hope that helps
All the best
Business Growth Specialist
Chartered Marketer UK

Armed with that ideal customer, either do the research yourself--digging through websites and resources--or buy a list with some specific parameters.

Answered 2 years ago

Hi there! I know how hard it is to attract quality leads and the fact is that more often than not you have to go find those quality leads because they may not even know what to search to find you.

When I started my video production company I developed an approach that worked really well. Let's setup a call and I would love to share the details with you.

Answered 2 years ago

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