Eyal PolicarLeading Innovation and Change in Agriculture

Succesful innovative farmer in Israel - owner of 12 hectare farm. vegetable, medicinal plants, dates, herbs, flowers, and urban agriculture
Lecterur in Agricultural Entrepreneurship in AICAT Arava International Centre for Agricultural Training
Agricultural economist specializing in behavioral economics
DBA-Doctorate of Business Administration candidate

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1. They can steal your idea but not the culture of your vision. Worry more on building a team that can sustain your business culture.
2. You can always be dubious, protective and live a life of doubtfulness, or optimistic, indubious, and basically happier,

In both scenarios, you will at times be disappointed by people, and taken advantage of. Better remain a bit naive than all the time skeptical

good luck

When I was young and idealistic I worked for free.. Now I am old and wise.. Wish I was young and wise back then.. would have saved me a lot of heartaches...
Unless you are the founder and have a lot of go-to-hell money you don't work for free.The advice my colleagues gave you is true in the monetary sense but think about it...
If someone gives you something for free what value do you consider it to be?
Are you really worth 0?
good luck

And not only love it but also have specific know-hows. What you don't like or know start knowing..you delegate or partner only after you have mastered and put in place the processes according to your vision..
This is not the 1900's, it's a 21-century startup... probably always short on cash...
Don't get some of the mumbo jumbo some of my colleagues are writing here mislead you. YOU are the CEO...start CEO'ing
cause the Board (or stakeholders) will surely pick up on this eventually and they will show you the door.

Eyal Policar-DBA Agri-Business

The days of not having a reliable revenue model in place are fast dwindling. A few big VC companies are shutting down, angel investments are rare people are just not that keen. In many countries, people are looking for govt aids and grants.
Therefore the challenge is to define your ROI clearly.
Ask yourself if I had 1/2 a million $ to spare where would i put it. In real estate, a new start-up, an existing company stocks, govt bonds. Your answer should help you decide

Good luck- If you need more input drop a line

Did you do a market surb=vey to determine if people want this?

The world is not as you see it, by this I mean it may be unbelievable to you, but is it unbelievable to others?

If you did a survey you should have answers if people want this, where will they display this, in what shops would they buy this?
I believe in blue ocean strategy meaning to sell this in places where you have no competition.I cant specifically help here but I explain the mindset you should be in
I would not sell this in flower shops, or supermarkets. Maybe flower market, or maybe furniture shops

good luck


I am a farmer and seasonality is the essence of our business.

You didn't mention if this is a cafe especially for bikers on the road or vice versa. A place to fix bikes and have a cafe while you wait?

So the answers may fit one situation and not the other.

1 Close for the off-season. find for yourself and wife another jobs and reopen again in the good season. hopefully by next year you will have a good solution so you don't have to do this again- or maybe do this again

2. Imagine you were not around what solutions exist for your customers.. and see if you can work this into your off-season activity

3.Do things different and do diffrent things - example winter ice-cream, or summer soup...
with this I mean ideas that work around the seasonality issue. Here people only eat watermelon in summer. But we produced mini watermelon and called it winter watermelon. It works..

4. If you repair bikes - hire a van and start going around town advertising when you will be where at what time. Fix-em bike

5. If the cafe is your core business hire a van and go around town selling cafe stuff

good luck

If I understand correctly you are from Ghana. And you claim there are Ghanaians that have settled abroad and have building projects in Ghana.
Obviously if they live abroad they have
-a local agent or representative
-they work through local banks
-they need licences (regulation) from federal and regional government.
that's where your prospectus clients are and that is where you should be looking
good luck

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