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When it comes to finding new clients New Media Marketing offers many free social media platforms to help you find clients. When it comes to marketing in my view there is no substitute for being in control of the message. Try showcasing your talents on your own professional blog that has relavant content about the solutions that you offer.

This will help people with a problem needing solution to seek for that solution and find you as an authority on your topics.

Quick Tip login to your twitter account then open another tab and goto then put in the keywords for the services you offers.

You will see how easy it is to find new leads and sales, Its like grabing fish in a bucket!!

Hope this help you! If you have anymore questions please let me know.

With New Media cost as low as $400.00-$1000.00 per month including cost of the site. It's never been easier then ever to go forward with the right content and design for a very fair cost of doing business.

Designing a Wordpress Content Management System for your business to use as a website and blog all in to use like your own digital printing press.

The game changer today for startup's is all about great designs and killer content at a low enough cost to operate and maintain on a daily basis. The money saved can go back into your startup.

Wordpress can offer you a place for your brand to flurish and grow as your startup evolves. With every action you put out you futher your brands reach and engagement with potential clients or investors.

Best wishes on your journey!!

If I can be of any more help please feel free to view my profile or message me.


Freelance services like ours are not always over the top and expensive at all these days. You just have to find the right skilled marketing person to lead the way with some no traditional thinking.

Most social media cmapiagns cost next to nothing in relations to what things cost in the past with marketing actions.

A profeesional Wordpress blog built-out with content management should cost between $400.00 -$800.00 a month including cost of the site. This is all it cost for New Media Marketing Consultant to have you on the first page fist link organic results of all search engines.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me and view my profile for more options..

Thank You,
John Ciampa
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Which New Media Platforms Are Right for Your Brand in 2015?

You can create a Wordpress blog for business to create killer content and control your own advertising. Then you will gain valuable permalinks to articles to then create Facebook Ads from there.

If you have any more question feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you,
John Ciampa
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This depends on if you want your company to stand still online or live in real time? The benefits of Wordpress are outstanding and in high demand. Even the NY Times is a Wordpress. It makes perfect sense and will set free of any boundaries of traditional building and SEO.

SEO is about onsite content and will bring in the best organic search results for your product or brand if done right from the start. All I build is Wordpress for my Clients and Myself let me know if you need more help.

Wordpress. com Vs Wordpress. org

Best Wishes
John Ciampa,
Bloggers School

I think that this is the wrong way to go about SEO in todays new media landscape. Reason being is that with a Wordpress Blog and some hard work it is now possible to take the first organic link on any search term you want.

If you remain relevant with your content your organic links will remain in place above your competitors shining brightly with lady Karma on your side .This is where 75% percent of web search users will go, is below the ad fold to the first organic link or local search results.

25% of the search will go through a paid link anyway. Also content is forever and your budget may not be.

Best Wishes
John Ciampa
Bloggers School

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