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Hi - I work with investors on a daily basis. You need to be able to show value of your brand. Either push this through public relations, thought leadership and being authentic. I'd recommend testing all avenues to attract the attention of investors in your sector. Gaining trust is key. You can also try an aggressive PR strategy like giving away free promos or content. Anything that shows your value appeals an investor.

The terms are based on how an Angel investor views your company as well as your startup’s value in the market. So they are looking at your impact potential within your sector and industry, the size of any recent exits, the willingness to enter into a deal, and vice versa for the entrepreneur.

These are fast growing startups in the marketplace today. The type of investors this model attracts are in it for the long term. The investment cost to a 2+ sided marketplace are expensive models & challenging to grow. These models are all about growth which can happen very quickly and scale. Two-sided network effects: Marketplaces and platform businesses have 2-sided network effects. Every new supplier on a marketplace adds value to the customers and vice versa. Take Facebook for example. Its the worlds largest social network connecting users, while at the same time there is also a marketplace for advertisers to target FB members.

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It doesn't necessarily indicate limited growth potential. However, it does indicate that there must be some problem area(s) or problems with churn rates. SaaS is much like a startup and is very high risk to grow vs. traditional models.

It's also important to consider full life cycle of SaaS. Being able to support operations of the business efficiently is crucial. When it comes down to cost of doing business, capitalism will raise questions whether a company benefits to the economy.

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The 3D is the future and hot trend right now in real estate. Renderings are used in various technology areas at many stages of the process. The consumer market hype has made organizations aware of the fact 3D printing is a real, viable and cost-effective means to reduce costs through improved designs, streamlined prototyping and short-run manufacturing. On the marketing end, feel free to give a call if you would like to discuss or learn some ways to apply 3D.

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The professional way is to invest money into a research firm and other companies which provide such information to your industry. It appears you are doing it the grassroots way, which is fine, however I would work with someone who has an expertise in market research, and go more in depth with researching for data and information. If you'd like to talk more about conducting market research in this manner, feel free to give a call. I'd have to take a look at what you have done thus far and assess what has been done right, or wrong, etc. al.

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I would personally and professionally go with #1.

It seems easier and the concept would resonate more. If you would like help with marketing feel free to give a call.

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I am a writer and use Google Scholar.

If you need help with writing, feel free to give a call.

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Congrats on being ranked at top of Google.

My expertise is in content building / content producing. If you need help with building out your links, link development, any content work, let's chat on a call to discuss more.

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Bottom line. Focus on marketing and promotions. You will have to trial and error until you find ways that are working that put you in the growth direction. I'd put together a plan on how you will market to the US customer base and your overall business development plants. Feel free to reach out and call if you would like to work on planning and marketing together.

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