How can I find help with SEO link building?

I have been ranked at the top of Google for many years and now since Google is giving these directory sites a head start - upcity, yelp, clutch, - can you help me outrank them or provide insight as to how I can do this myself or find the right person to?


This is a common problem for many.
There are no quick fixes. The main aspects are:
1. Quality (relevant) content
2. Quality incoming coming links for the relevant keywords.
3. Focus on niche areas.
4. Utilize long tail keywords.
I’ve successfully helped over 300 entrepreneurs and I’d be happy to assist. Immediately after scheduling the call, please send me the link to your website + the main keywords that you are focusing on (and why), and any other relevant information.
Best of luck

Answered 5 years ago

You have 2 options - learn how to do this yourself or pay someone to do it for you. If you want to learn, go to the bookstore, or Udacity or join Seth Godin's Online Marketing training course. These are medium term strategies.
In the short term, there are some sites and services which you can do yourself or pay a modest sum for someone else do do for you.

You don't say what your business does or how large your business is - answer these in a private message to me and I can improve this answer.

Here is an article I wrote about 8 Marketing Strategies to Grow and Scale a Local Business

- Research directory listing websites in your country (Yelp, Upcity etc) and go and create listing on each one.
- Hire an SEO freelancer ( has many listed) to work for your site setting up the links you desire
- Sign up for Marketing Local platforms who offer local marketing services which include link building
- Write blogs which cite other local businesses and can be re-published on local websites, newspapers and local Facebook groups. Getting links from these sites will help to boost your site's SEO (although Facebook doesn't rank because Google hates them).
- Create a customer newsletter which links to your online blogs so your current customers also click through to the site to read the articles - this will boost the visitors to the site and help improve the relevance score.

Best wishes

Answered 5 years ago

Hi -

Congrats on being ranked at top of Google.

My expertise is in content building / content producing. If you need help with building out your links, link development, any content work, let's chat on a call to discuss more.

Answered 5 years ago

Unless you have a high domain rank, it will be hard to rank higher than sites like Yelp for competing keywords. I suggest that you take a look at a bunch of long-tail keywords and build out new pages to bring in more web traffic directed to your prospects. You need to set up a link building strategy based on keywords. If you do want to compete for keywords against Yelp, then you need to get some powerful links for those pages. Take a look at Ninja Outreach for link building. This will give you a platform to manage your outreach.

Answered 5 years ago

Hey there!

If you're trying to outrank Google, in short, you need 5 things:

1- Guest post and niche edit backlinks from websites with high RD and traffic numbers
2- Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlinks driving power to your high quality, white-hat, tier 1 links.
3- Active social and press syndication (Using an IFTTT network or Storychief) across all social platforms and web 2.0s to drum up referrals and some link juice
4- Citations and Niche Directories- Use the Yelps,Upcitys, clutches, and HomeStars of the world a nudge out by using their site to drive link authority to your own with local citations.
5- Accurate and targeted anchor text profiles- This is possibly the most key step. Be sure to use the right anchor text for each style of link being built to keep it as natural as possible.

That was quick but if you have any other questions, let me know and I can help!


Answered 4 years ago

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