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"Attila is one of the most well-prepared experts I've had the chance to work with. He is a key player of the international startup studio scene, and the knowledge he brought to the table was essential when developing the investment structure of Studio One, the first private fund that exclusively invests in startup studio ventures..." Gergely Freész, CEO at Studio One Attila Szigeti is an internationally recognized startup studio expert, author of the Startup Studio Playbook and other publications, who started his leadership career at Fortune 500 companies. With this mastery provided, entrepreneurs and investors are setting up and scaling startup studios that offer an edge in building startups. Find the best way to cut risks from implementing the studio approach, get access to current studio best practices and gain a lead on your competition. Work with Attila to find clarity for your startup studio in: + vision, strategy and processes; + expanding your team and clientele; + fundraising and investor management.

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As someone who is deeply involved with startup studios, here are a few hints.
1. First, calculate your optimal scale of operations. In our startup studio this was about 12-15 people core team + dedicated ceo-s for each startup experiment
2. Raise funds for the studio, for at least 12-18 months. Your options:
- use your own money
- do agency work
- get direct VC investment (hardest one, you will need traction)
- get corporate financing
3. Raise funds for your startups that are ready for it.

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Team is the most critical component for a venture builder organization. You need to hire people who have the right "studio mindset", who accept your vision and operating procedures and who can work on multiple startup initiatives in parallel.

Also here you can find some more hints about CEO selection for the portfolio companies:

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