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I have over 20 years of solid experience as a seasoned Social Media Marketing practitioner and Social Media Marketing consultant. I’ve also established business relationships with several major global corporations including Apple and Microsoft.

I have developed a rare combination of experience, vision and leadership. These are skills that can help people achieve success in this economic environment. I have also taught hundreds of traditional college students and working professionals a variety of marketing courses. Some of my earned marketing certifications include:
Google Adwords Certification
Certified eMarketing Professional (CeP)
Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP)

I look forward to talking to you and helping you achieve long term success.

Recent Answers

Engage with your target audience on the different Social Media platforms. For Example, join relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups and post informative content that will interest people. Call me for more info on setting this up.

Marketing360.com is a solid website with good information. I also found digitalmarketing.org to be an informative website.

Reach out to their professors and to their department chairs/deans. These people want their students to succeed and will promote your service to their students.

Register for LinkedIn groups related to your target market. Give relevant info. This will help build your brand, which will open doors to promote your business. This is free.

I recommend engagement with your target market via Facebook groups. Post related content that enhances the group and doesn't sound like a sales pitch. Do this in multiple groups and the likes will come.

I recommend promoting the YouTube channel via the newsletter and the newsletter via the YouTube channel. With your niche being highly targeted this tactic should improve your reach. I also recommend starting a contest and offering gifts those that can generate the most sponsors. I'm sure your subscribers know of people that would sponsor your newsletter.

I have more than 15 years of marketing experience and this includes experience in growth hacking. I look forward to the possibility of talking soon.

I recommend targeting the brand owners/marketing departments directly. You then can likely find out the decision makers and can make your pitch directly to them. I have found this easier than going through ad agencies.

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