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Each of those items will have different supply sources.

The simplest way is to join the appropriate industry association, subscribe to their magazine and go to their conference/expo. You will meet all the vendors. You can also simply buy their trade directory.

Unfortunately, I only see marketing/sales gimmicks and not any growth hacking DNA in what you are doing.

Just because I get a discount, in this day and age, is not enough for me to try you.

What kind of customers do you have. I mean specifically. Fashion clothes...for whom? Babies? Teens? Men in Executive positions?

What do THEY WANT? What do THEY DO?

Do they like to party? then encouraging fashion show parties at home would bring great word of mouth via tastemakers.

What makes your clothes so special (besides offering 70% off retail). Is the only they care about is money? if so, they probably are not really "fashion" people...they are "discount" people. Which means you must address them differently.

Can you get celebrity endorsements? Can someone win a date with one? Can you make someone into a celebrity? Do they aspire to be actors or models? can you get someone in a show or on a set?

What is your content strategy? Do you have a fashion how to show that gathers the interest of your target while selling your clothing?

To growth hack is simple. Ask your customers what they it.

I am happy to help you map out a strategy. Set up a call with me to build a growth hacking map.

Is your goal to become an HRmanager? Are you looking forward to a career working for others in a specific industry the next 50 years?

Have you ever started abusiness? do you always find ways to sell something? can you see yourself taking on the risk and headache of handling not only HR but all the other areas of a business? Marketing? Sales? Finance? Supervising Employees (Non-HR management)? etc?

What do you envision your future looking like? does your past decisions and actions lean in one direction or another?

HRM may be the best thing for your career....Entrepreneurship would be good for such a future...except, the degree is meaningless as an entrepreneur and the education does not prepare you for the experience you need to succeed...

I am happy to help you process this. Please set up a call with me.

Yes, you absolutely can have your virtual office wherever you wish for public facing correspondance.

it is a good idea for your registered agent to be where you are incorporated.

Most of your customers will not know the name of the corporation (unless writing a check to you or become a vendor for you), and when they do, they wont care.

Any official documents will go to the registered agent.

I suggest you also set up your business account with bank of america or wells fargo etc where they have brances in every major city.

Besides the address there are other things to consider when setting up a virtual headquarters I am happy to discuss with you. Set up a call.

Hi, I work with people to build platform and celebrity.

DO NOT speak for free. He should be getting paid to speak. His expertise is valuable.

You can create books, courses or even tv/radio shows/pod/streams

THe biggest thing is to increase his tribe and monetize his existing tribe. They will pay to be associated with him.

He can create a certification course, hold bootcamps and retreats or train baseball coaches.

Because he is a vet with a name, there literally are endless possibilities to generating profits.

While his message and mission are important, the process is more important. HE can be the message, making whatever he associates with the mission (it can be someone elses mission)

He literally can trade on his celebrity, making influence his currency.

I would love to help you guys map out a specific profit strategy for him. Set up a call with me.


I have grown a digital marketing agency. I was homeless. I was able to get one client for 1500 ecommerce deal. I used that to lease an office and buy parts to build my own computer. After 1st month, last month and security, I had $300. Just enough to pay $150 for that week and then again the next week for my small efficiency apartment. If I didn't make money fast, I would be homeless again AND lose the office.

I grew that business from 0 (just me) to 10 in-house employees in 2 years and a million dollar firm the 3rd year.

I encourage you to continue to focus on ways to drive revenue as you are, but also your business systems and processes. That is what set me apart. I was able to deliver quality service more consistently and more rapidly than any competitors.

1) Replace yourself from doing all the work. This way you can work ON the business (growth hacking) rather than working IN the business (tasks)

2) Do retainers. There are also about a dozen different residual/recurring/continuity products/services you can sell to your clients.

3) Maintain quality control. Your leadership and management skills will determine how well it works out with freelancers. I would caution against selling the packages of others as you begin to lose control quickly. Growth hacking requires flexibility and quality control.

4) prepare to get people in house as soon as you can. Take the leap. You will get more done, have better collaboration, perform faster, provide higher creativity and quality and maintain efficient and secure data.

5) Control the service of your clients. You don't want providers doing an end run around you and stealing your customers.

I would love to get on a call with you and help you map out a strategy and create growth systems.

Greetings. Having owned one of the top 5 national postcard printing and mailing companies and also doing email marketing since 1994, I can tell you your question is a common one.

Fortunately there is a ton of wisdom we have gained over the decades in regards to reaching out to an audience.

Think more in terms what they want, than what will get their attention.

We say: "How can you bless them?" In other words, what can you do FOR them that will make them smile and be grateful.

You didn't mention the type of business or industry.

If they are local, host an event at your place of business and give something for free. (free dessert, free scarve, 1 free room cleaning, free drink/slice etc)

More than attention, you want to build RELATIONSHIP. You want them to INTERACT. You want them to become TRIBE MEMBERS.

If these are not local people...still bless them. FREE CONSULTATIONS are NOT blessings :). What is your targets biggest problem. How much of it can you solve one time as close to free as possible.

This may seem counter-intuitive or unprofitable. But the reality is, people will respond to something that helps them. A free oil change is more likely to get them to come back for your great service in 3 months than a coupon for a cheap one when they don't know you.

Offer a book that will help them with their goals. 10 Mistakes to Avoid when Selling Your House. 5 ways to Get rid of Bedbugs - Today. How To Get 10,000 Social Media Fans in only 90 days. 10 Proven Secrets To Lower Your Car Insurance.

Then inside the book reveal problems and providing best practice solutions. Mention that your firm can help at each solution.

There is a ton of content and a ton of copy that you can use to attract leads.

Postcards are cost effective. Use them, but what you offer and HOW you offer is super important. Be sure to follow up with multiple mailings or with a phone call. If you want a phone call, increase response by using a picture of a phone next to the number.

Use pictures of people, preferably smiling using your product.

Focus on the "whats in it for me" rather than the Features or Benefits.

Make sure the first postcard is just the entry point into your sales process/funnel.

I would love to get on a call with you and help you hash out some copy or develop a mailing marketing strategy.

I have done webinars since 1998. It was very difficult back then due to no one having or knowing where to plug in their speakers or microphones!

Recorded webinars, like most content can be used to generate their maximum potential through diversity.

Maximizing multiple webinars and physical products are often the simplest AND most overlooked revenue streams.

Pull out nuggets from multiple webinars and sell a "Best Of" on the particular topic/niche.

Combine multiple webinars in full and sell as a Compilation, Volume or "COMPLETE" Series.

Turn the webinars into books.

Turn the webinars into physical DVDs.

Turn the webinars into a monthly subscription via physical mail or membership site.

I would love to have a call with you to answer any followup questions or map out specific strategies with you.

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