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PV Quiñones wants to live in a world filled with difference and understanding, where culture critical analysis and enjoying our culture aren't mutually exclusive.
As a cultural critic and leadership facilitator with 10 years of education and experience, she has worked with True colors conference  (largest LGBTQ+ conference in the world) as a Counselor, has been a NCCJ'S Anytown Youth Leadership and Empowerment Counselor (civil rights and social justice youth camp), Action Creates Togetherness In Our Neighborhood  (ACTION) Chairwoman and facilitator (running anti-racism, sexism, heterosexism,genderism, classism, etc workshops and discussions), the Feminist Collective of Santa Fe University Co-founder and Vice President and been a speaker at the National Coalition to End Homelessness DC National Conferance. She is a certified caregiver, with a soothing, calm voice and can walk you through any anxiety or pain related attack. She has been a company manager for Dollar general and currently a Managing Director for a Home Care agency for 5+ years and is more than willing to guide you through management difficulties and ethicalities.

In the Answers portion of this website, you might notice I give direct, tangible advice. I don't try to withhold much because I know my answers with help and I feel that giving actual advice is much better that giving you a runaround answer, asking you to call me for the full answer. I know I'm trustworthy and highly capable, so I aim to set that example in my answers. I can consult with you on any topic of your choice and hope you see the value in my direct, honest approach to coaching and advising.

Recent Answers

Absolutely! When you make offers like this- you are showing other companies that your are confident and stand by your expertise. So much so, you're going to show them and have the confidence that they will walk away wanting to do business with you.
The reality of business is that you need to do things like this to create connections- you need to market yourself but also create these opportunities for connection and networking. Honestly, it sounds like you have a good idea of how much of a benefit this would be to you.

General Motivation for a general audience sounds like a hard focus point. Try breaking down- all motivation have singular aspects outside of faith and religion. What are your topics? Relationship, Career, depression/Mental illness, etc?
Sometimes there's a need to talk things through to fully understand what it is you have rather than switching focus. I've been to art school, I've proofread and guided lots of writers through this- the creative process takes some analysis, but sometimes you're just too close to see what's right in front of you. Take a step back, do some general blogging. Tumblr is great for becoming engrossed in various cultures- the motivation culture is one of them! Take time to know the general community and that will help.

What a question with so little depth. Who is your target market? Think of their position- why do they need your services specifically? Keep that answer in your mind.
Now what do you know about them? Is there an organic way to cross paths? Connections, events, happenstance-meetings- all valid ways to introduce yourself and/or your work in a less pressure, more comfortable for them and you way.
Sometimes it helps to tackle the issue in a human approach- making your low rates an added bonus to the quality of the work.

That's the golden question! One solid way- involvement. Join local VA groups, check in with senior and community centers- sponsor events and actually workshops (everyone loves speaking, but most people love seeing company's doing things more than speaking). Getting involved looks good and makes you trustworthy beyond just good customer service.
As far as data services are concerned, that's a valuable service! And a lot of individuals who own and run companies often time forget or misunderstand that- educate them. Give them the understanding of these services- without selling to them, and them come around to the crux of the issues with these service: hiring professionals to do it saves them time and money, but hiring professionals who love it does that and provides high quality!

You want to prioritize your financial structure. It is apart of the foundation of your business and will cause a lot of harm if you aren't hands on about it. Yes- Get one-on-one help from a financial adviser or consultant. If you want to get a CFO, make sure they are are not just capable- but are committed to your company's success. Having a CFO long term will be likely be the best option.

Personally, I am currently assisting a friend of mine with her start up company and her lack of financial structure is a source of conflict. You cannot expect success without planning for it, it's a part of the bloodline for your business!

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