How to launch a community/blog on a technical specific argument? (es. international Taxation)

1) What are main step and sequence: (es. 1-Propose Topic 2-Attract expert 2-collect question 2) What are main tools to recruit Subject Matter Expert (channel to contact, incentives, ....)


I would suggest setting up a LinkedIn Group and then sending out individual inMails to experts. You want to craft your inMail in such a way so they'll want to participate in the group. You should be able to find the right experts by leveraging your own network or using filters to find the people you need. Make sure you have some running threads/topics in the group. If there is nothing to talk about your new found expert will quickly walk away.

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LinkedIn can be a great way to find people. But building on LinkedIn is like building on quicksand. Your goal should be to build your own platform / venue and bring the conversation there.

Social media has its uses. But you should build your own business, your own brand -- not theirs. Ultimately LinkedIn or Facebook or Google Plus owns your members. They own your written content too.

LinkedIn in particular has some potentially fatal issues, to which management appears to be indifferent. Content is frequently deleted with no opportunity of recovery. Group managers (and now, it seems, even group members) can sabotage rivals -- in a single click preventing them from posting across all LinkedIn groups. With risks like these, you should build on your own soil.

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Blogs on niche topics take a lot of legwork to grow at the beginning, especially if you don't have an already-existing community as a starting point. Your best bet is to research who blogs on these topics already, and ask them to contribute to your blog. You'll likely want small-to-medium-sized bloggers, not the big shots, because they'll appreciate the opportunity.

By going this route, you'll find people who both 1. know how to write and blog and 2. know the niche inside and out. If you just look for people who know the niche, chances are they won't know how to write blog posts that are interesting to read.

Give us a shout if you need more help (this is our specialty): Good luck!

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To launch a blog on a technical specific argument, keep the following steps in mind:
1. Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting.
2. Start your blog by adding WordPress.
3. Pick a simple theme to make your blog your own.
4. Add two key blogging plugins to find your readers and track stats.
5. Write compelling content to create a blog that your readers love.
This is quite simple, but I will go with your suggestion:
1. Propose a topic
2. Collect Questions
3. Attract expert
Again, you may need an SME if you cannot get your business ‘Wishlist’ done in a timely manner. Even if your business offerings are complex and technical, hiring a subject matter expert can benefit you if you have a project that’s either outside the business as usual or you simply don’t have the time and capacity to get everything done with your existing team. Plus, your content writers will understand SEO best practices, how to write for social media shares, your business goals, how to ensure ROI, and so forth–all tasks for which you are not hiring your subject matter expert. Again, it’s no surprise that businesses often hire SMEs in marketing or business development because these fields are fast-paced and changing and in-house teams may not have the tools, techniques, and technologies to support an ever-changing pace. You may want to hire someone who has a history of success, whether it’s successfully building an SEO campaign, a content marketing campaign, overhauling the senior leadership team, or establishing a cloud-based network with top-notch security.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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