Do some serial startup founders, solicit ideas (open to receive them even just by email) to start another venture?

Since I have an original idea, and would just want to offer it to founders with success track records - and it's fine with me, for them to be CEOs, and me just part of product development. :)


I would suggest you search for and read out blogs. I can't think of any entrepreneurs who aren't also blogging. I have two blogs: and

Answered 6 years ago

You should have a solid pitch and be sure you have some initial interest from investors or first customers before even approaching someone to be a CEO of co-founder, as no one worth their salt will consider executing your ideas without proof of concept etc.

Maybe I don't know your situation, but why wouldn't you be willing to back it solely yourself or take the most risk if your ideas are so solid? If I was an investor or potential Co-Founder and you proposed this sort of arrangement, the next question would be "what kind of ownership and equity stake are you aiming for?" and "why not be at the helm of this thing?"

Essentially if you're looking for someone else to take the risk, put up the money, raise the funds or build the business, the question remains why? Are you am idea generator but not an executor? Are you not able to second the time needed to develop the business? Are you lacking industry contacts to help make it happen?

In order to really answer this question we need more information!

Answered 6 years ago

This is typically not the case. Entrepreneurs by nature are passionate about their business solution. Is not impossible, though I would recommend networking and nurturing relationships with like minded entrepreneurs before you go for the pitch. If you have an idea, you can be the entrepreneur and launch it yourself if your goal is to be part of the dev team anyway. entrepreneurs don't always have all the resources readily available and that's what makes them "entrepreneurs"

Go for it! And if you need any guidance we are here to help you out

Answered 6 years ago

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