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I work with early to mid stage startups needing advice and assistance with recruitment. I also provide advisory to recruiting technology startups (market analysis, target customers, making introductions, etc) and perform customer validation, market research and business development for emerging companies.

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You should have a solid pitch and be sure you have some initial interest from investors or first customers before even approaching someone to be a CEO of co-founder, as no one worth their salt will consider executing your ideas without proof of concept etc.

Maybe I don't know your situation, but why wouldn't you be willing to back it solely yourself or take the most risk if your ideas are so solid? If I was an investor or potential Co-Founder and you proposed this sort of arrangement, the next question would be "what kind of ownership and equity stake are you aiming for?" and "why not be at the helm of this thing?"

Essentially if you're looking for someone else to take the risk, put up the money, raise the funds or build the business, the question remains why? Are you am idea generator but not an executor? Are you not able to second the time needed to develop the business? Are you lacking industry contacts to help make it happen?

In order to really answer this question we need more information!

It is possible, but you must create a unique and compelling story to share. What makes your company special? What problems is it solving? Why would someone want to come and work with you - especially if you are pre-revenue?

Also, are you offering ownership? Is you're really looking for a Co-Founder then that's a whole different thing. If that's the case, then go to every startup event in your area and start getting involved. Go to Startup Weekends. The more you get to know the community, the more people you will meet and the potential of finding someone willing to come in and help you build it increase.

Critical thing is that if you're not a Tech Co-Founder, then you'll need to share your ideas with those with the right background to build the company - share with everyone and seek their opinions - this will endear you to the right people!

There are several ways but first you need to know who you are selling the product to. Corporate tech recruiters? Third party staffing folks? Contract tech recruiters? You will need to know who to target before I can lead you in the right direction. These are completely different markets!

If you're looking for Ruby folks, go where they go - local meetups. Second would be online but you will need to mine Stackoverflow, Github and similar sites and realize that they get approached regularly so start engaging early (at least 3 months before projected start date.)

Excellent responses so far! I will add to bring in co-founders if you haven't already. Look for people who compliment you and can help clear off your to-do list. :-)

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