What are creative ways to monetize an advice / self-help blog with good traffic?

Some creative constraints: - I'm looking at a male audience 18-45 years of age - No spam advertising (What is the best kind of advertising/affiliates that are actually relevant to an audience?) - No info-products or online courses - No bootcamps or live in-person gigs What other avenues are there to bring in revenue once you have good traffic? We get between 10,000 and 40,000 visitors per month


Two things that immediately come to mind would be use of webinars, that allow for audience participation, covering a specific topic of interest to your audience for either a small attendance fee or as part of a premium subscription. I would lean more towards the premium subscription for the recurring income.

The second would be to make regular book and audio resource recommendations from Amazon, providing your Amazon affiliate link to pick up the resource.

Answered 6 years ago

Great question here! My first reaction was to suggest an online course / subscription product that could be introduced through an email campaign.

However, given your restrictions, I'd suggest the following:

- Start an email list. Yes I know, I know, everyone harps on about the importance of an email list - well, it's important. If google updates their search algorithm and your traffic drops, you're going to suffer. An email list is a good backup plan.

- Start a podcast. Comparison: You create a new website, you rank on page 40 in google search for whatever keywords relating to your niche. You create a podcast, you rank on page 1 or 2 in iTunes. It's a less competitive space in there and once you have some numbers to brag about you can start highly relevant advertising in the form of a "testimonial" at the start of each podcast.

Hope that helps!

Answered 6 years ago

I'm also advising you to do paid webinar (or even a series of webinars as an online workshop).

Answered 6 years ago

Great work on your blog! There are a few ideas that come to mind when thinking about how to monetize your advice driven blog.
-The first idea is to be a consultant individually for those visitors who might want to engage with you privately.
-The second idea is to offer premium membership to your users for most specific advice driven conversation. Websites attract visitors with free content and then they realize that they can get added benefits by paying a membership fee.
-The third, similar to a paid membership, private forums can be created to cater to your audience. Members can pay an annual/monthly fee to access the forum and interact with the other members.
-The fourth, surveys and polls; You can place surveys and polls from certain companies on your website that will pay you for the privilege. You can sign up to these sites and choose a particular survey/poll that will fit in with the content on your website. Visitors of your site can participate in voting, whilst you get paid for displaying it.
-The last idea, post other blog content on your site by charging them a fee to have their article/content published on your site (this will benefit their SEO and your blog's revenue).

Would love to continue this conversation and speak with you about different services that are both affordable and have proven success for many of my companies.

Answered 6 years ago

First of all, congrats on the traffic! That's a solid showing that should have you well on the way to earning.

Since you specifically stated no webinars, coaching sessions, or courses, you've limited yourself, but you still have a world of opportunity available to you! The first thing you'll want to do is get your brand established as an expert in your field. Use that platform to then do one of a few proven tactics that I've seen from my most successful blogging friends:
1) Start a podcast. It's a relatively low-tech solution that is budget-friendly for the small business owner/blogger. It will also directly enhance the type of content offered on your site -- so more pageviews! Podcasts can be monetized a number of ways, but the best part is that they are FREE to your audience and help to continue building your brand for years to come.
2) Sponsored "conversations." Yes, this is the new word for sponsored post, but not the type where some unknown spam company posts an SEO nightmare on your blog with a do follow for some small amount of cash. I have shared numerous ways to build relationships with solid and well-known brands to get your next blog post sponsored -- with no creative restraints on your end -- for between $150 - 750 each (on average). By doing the right kinds of outreach and being a solid, go-to blog for the brand, this can turn into a profitable, lasting relationship for both of you.

Connect with me if you'd like to do a quick conversation around your blog branding and how working with brands or starting a podcast can boost your income and provide a value for your readers!

Answered 6 years ago

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