My web agency is creating a variety of SEM PPC campaigns in the search networks, and I'm thinking of exploring the idea of bidding on keywords for my competitors' company names. Of course I wouldn't include their brand names in my copy, but I would leverage their keywords as terms to position my company. I'd be looking to bid on roughly ~400 keywords, therefore ~400 creative, ad, marketing, web, digital, performance agencies. I haven't strategized ad copy and landing page direction yet, simply exploring the concept first. What are the pros and cons of this strategy from your point of view?

I think that this is the wrong way to go about SEO in todays new media landscape. Reason being is that with a Wordpress Blog and some hard work it is now possible to take the first organic link on any search term you want.

If you remain relevant with your content your organic links will remain in place above your competitors shining brightly with lady Karma on your side .This is where 75% percent of web search users will go, is below the ad fold to the first organic link or local search results.

25% of the search will go through a paid link anyway. Also content is forever and your budget may not be.

Best Wishes
John Ciampa
Bloggers School

Answered 6 years ago

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