Can Marketing Automation ( Replace Traditional Email Marketing Platforms (GetResponse)?

Hi, I'm in the process of upgrading and integrating into a new email marketing platform. I'm looking to get the following out of my email marketing campaigns. - drip (autoresponder) campaigns - event based email campaigns - targeted segmented email campaigns I feel like email marketing platforms like GetResponse/Aweber with their batch and blast mentality are on the decline. This is why I'm thinking of integrating with a marketing automation platform like to get more targeted email campaigns sent to the right leads in my database. Has anyone made the transition into using a service like to manage all you email marketing campaigns instead of a traditional email marketing platform like GetResponse/Aweber? Thank you!


I have.

You will experience a much better return on investment, and your customers will have a much better experience when you take advantage of audience segmenting -- which and the likes offer.

To be far, you can achieve this same result with tools like Aweber, but they are not as intuitive because, frankly, they were made long before the best practice of segmented and event-based email notifications were established and as matured as they are now.

Depending on your list size, a move can be a hassle. But, if you have a plan on how to monetize that list, and deliver incredible value to your subscribers, I would encourage you to move to platform that can slice and dice your list how you need.

Any other questions, feel free to drop a note or schedule a call.


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A fine question. The two answers below address this nicely. I'm one of the founders of Vero. If you have any questions please get in touch, I'd be happy to answer.

I'd say that if you want to do the event-based automation then a tool like Vero is a good fit over the others as the ways you can push data into Vero (our Javascript API, etc.) are designed pretty much exclusively for this purpose :).

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You can still achieve segmentation with AWeber/getresponse. Just make sure to look for automation rules in the dashboard.

You can either move them into a new list by sending a new landing page with an offer, by click with getresponse, or into a buyers list if it's integrated with stripe/Paypal.

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You have the right idea in opting to navigate towards a platform that is event-based rather than sequence-based.

Email marketing has become an effective channel for reaching new customers because of the fact that the right messages are being delivered at the right times.

The key though is to make sure the integration triggers emails on the right events. The right events are not necessarily obvious ones such as purchases.

I can help you to define your content strategy for email marketing further with a call.

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Email marketing software is designed to send “batch and blast” emails with some segmentation, drip campaign, automation, and analysis capabilities. The growing overlap between email marketing and marketing automation software solutions can make your research process more complicated. Email marketing software solutions allow marketers to send automated emails at scale and track customer email activity. Many popular email marketing vendors also offer all-in-one marketing automation solutions.
Marketing automation software offers the same features as email marketing products, plus cross-channel marketing automation. Marketers have a more complete view of customers — across SMS, social media, web page activity, and other channels. Marketing automation solutions are designed for marketing teams that need more than a pure-play email marketing tool. It is used in our organization for email campaigns, campaign tracking, landing pages, funnels, project management, social media posting, marketing automation, leads capturing, and much more along those lines. This software is amazing for us and our clients helping them distinguish their consumers and how to capture more of them.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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