What is the best business model for mobile application development startup?

I have established my startup in mobile app development for Android & iOS and found the Ads not useful because of very small fill rates and/or CPM (e.g. admob). If I have ad inventory of 100 million Ad request per month, what is the best business model for my case?


amazing question. Relevant to me right as I look for a developer myself.

There are not a lot of people looking for app developers, so ads would have been the last thing I would have suggested.

An easily scalable business model is to hire local sales contractors to find and funnel leads themselves in exchange of sales commission. They become 1099 and you only pay if they sale. You can create a site or squeeze page that reflects their local market but besides that your marketing costs will drop significantly while sales should increase that much more, as I often find their results directly proportional.

Best of luck!
Humberto Valle

Answered 6 years ago

Do you want to be a service based agency or is this a standalone startup . I founded agencymobile in 2006 which was The first iOS developer in Europe . Happy to help if you can clarify a little more of your business

Answered 6 years ago

At 3M+ Impressions per day what is your exact fill %? Also what is your breakdown of impressions by platform You can potentially look to other ad partners to fill your supply. You can either plug into other ad-exchanges, the inventory that is not getting filled. The business model is the same, you are selling ads on CPM basis, you essentially just need to plug in the best ad SDKs as possible to fill as much inventory as possible.

Google Admob has relatively decent targeting, however, there are other options to ensure you get a high fill %.

My advice would be to plug your ad inventory into the exchanges. (e.g. Mopub, etc)

Answered 6 years ago

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