How do I become the go-to market person for foreign startups entering my country?

If a foreign startup wants to enter my current home country's market, I would like to be the person to handle that startup's business development here. I would love to hear your experiences and advice in this area.


Show them how you will bring them customers.

Get your plan written down. Present it to them.

So many people are dreamers. You'll stand out merely by having your plan written down, and taking the action of getting in front of them.

Think about it from their perspective. What would they like in a local rep? What level of sales would they expect? How would they like to see you reach the marketplace?

If a physical product is involved, how will you transport, store and deliver it? Are their border issues? How will you overcome these if so?

Every decision maker has room for a person who has a definite plan. Don't be worried about size.

Answered 5 years ago

In my experience, you just contact them and offer your services. Otherwise, making yourself an authority worth noticing will take time and a business model on its own.

You are in sales, call and sell yourself.

Answered 5 years ago

Quick question:

How can they find you? Why should they choose you?

Answer- partnerships, presence.

I work with International Businesses and train in intercultural business management, and I thoroughly approve of global businesses having local partners to acclimatize , for a variety of reasons best summarized in this blog:

First, build partnerships. Startups come out of incubators and accelerators. Approach and cold call those organizations, e.g. Y-Combinator and Alchemist, show them your credentials. This includes your core competency and past experience.

I can help you message this effectively.

Second- presence. If I google you, what do I see?
Your internet presence is your brand today, and you must have an image that is attractive to the 'foreign startup'. This too, can be nurtured through smart inbound marketing, writing, core competency analysis.

Tough part - this will take time to build and be
recognized in SEO.

To summarize: be searchable, favorable, credible.

Call me to plan ahead!

Answered 5 years ago

Which country? Send me an email. It's possible that I can help in a very straightforward way.

Answered 5 years ago

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