Hi everyone, I'm one of the co-founders of a web/software agency in India. We create high-end web designs and software services. We take pride in what we do. But unfortunately, our clients here in India do not. They just want to get stuff done as cheap as possible. We've worked with about 10-12 clients based out of the USA, and it has been a great experience everytime. The only bottle neck is, they expect us to work for $4 an hour as they see people from India work at that rate on freelancing websites. We try to explain the quality of work we deliver. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. We think having someone out there, in the USA would be the possible solution to this problem. We need someone to be the front face while dealing with the clients and bring in more business. Having said that, we also cannot afford to pay a fixed salary. We only afford commission based sales consultants. Is there any way we can find these people? How do we pitch them? Also, any other input will be more than appreciated! Thanks in advance!

I think your problem is that you are not advertising like an american company, if you are looking to fill a position you should try using or, etc. to fill these positions. looking for a sales partner for your work.
Once you find that, provide them with the right tools such as all the seo needed, maybe help with a physical location, etc. so that you essentially do have a small 1 or 2 person team in the US as your business development team and as the face of the engineering team in india.
These people are not hard to find, business consultants like myself, sales people currently selling SaaS platforms, small or new web development guy or firm...

Try reaching out to people and offering the opportunity to them or try advertising your job through job lead boards as I mentioned :)

Best of Luck
Humberto Valle

Answered 6 years ago

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