How do you know when you're on the right career path?

I have had a diverse range of experience. I studied advertising then property development at uni. My first entrepreneurial business venture was running events, I did this through uni and did pretty well. I then launched an e-commerce store which I sold. I now work for a property development company to learn as much as possible, I am a partner in a hiring and recruitment company and am doing my own property development project of 4 townhouses. I am 26. Working at the property development company has been very good, it's been difficult being an employee but i am learning a lot. I spend my nights and weekends hustling. I now understand how a big business operates. My bosses business has generated around 5 billion in revenue. Long-term, I'd love to focus on property development but I also love business in general. You need a lot of funds or backing for property development so I've been leveraging all my financial streams to date to reinvest into real estate projects. How do you know when you are on the right path? What questions do you ask yourself? How do people run more than one business usually in an effective way?


1.Think About What Excites and Energizes You
This one's the first obvious step—we all want to enjoy and actually like our careers. (Perhaps the biggest sign you're on the wrong path is if you dread talking about your job.) While passion isn't the only requirement for being content in your career, many would say it's still essential, if only because passion is what keeps you going even through the tough times.

2. But Also Keep in Mind What You're Good At
Maybe you don't feel that passionate about any specific career—or you love multiple areas and can't decide on just one. Then it's time to think about your personality and focus on the skills you have. "Don't do what you love. Do what you are

3.Use the G+P+V Formula
The perfect career for you would most likely fit the G+P+V formula, which stands for Gifts + Passions + Values. Consider your strengths and passions, as we've noted above, and your values—what's nonnegotiable about the way you work?

U are on the right path if u have the 3 point based on the above formula

Answered 6 years ago

Hello I am priyanka Sharma.
I would help you.
1) Sunday blues don’t exist:
The Sunday night blues are a real problem for some people – they’ll even spend the whole weekend worrying about beginning work again on Monday. If Sunday blues are effecting you dramatically, it may be a sign that your job isn’t the right one for you.

2) You talk about work constantly:
If you can’t wait to tell your friends and family what’s been going on at work that day, then chances are you either hate your job, or love it. Unsatisfied workers take any chance they can to complain about their workload and colleagues, but those who enjoy their job are equally vocal about it.

3) You always go the extra mile:
Putting in a bit of extra work is no big deal if you feel passionate about your career.

4) You do things you love doing everyday:
If you’re working somewhere and the tasks you have to do don’t suit you, your personality and your skills, then it may be time to look elsewhere. Work should include things that you love doing – whether it’s problem solving or creating things.

5) You just get ‘it’:
If you feel passion for the industry and company you work in, you’re most likely on the right career path for you. People who are meant to work in a specific industry or company just get ‘it’.

6) You’re excited and a little scared:
Being on the right career path means that the future is an exciting one. Work should keep you excited and stimulated rather than bored. And remember, comfort can quickly turn to boredom.

7) You’re full of ideas:
If you’re happy and passionate about what you do, your creative juices should flow. If you feel like you’re mind is full of ideas and potential projects, then chances are you’re on the right track.

8) You feel on top of your game:
Everyone wants to go to sleep at night feeling accomplished and on top of their game. If this is how you feel every evening, you’re one of the lucky ones!

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#1 => You/ your family live healthy.
#2 => Time spent excited about goals > time spent stressed about money
#3 => You have a mathematical calculation proving your goals will be met by the year they need to be (house, retirement, etc).
#3.5 => Find peace within yourself for executing opportunities that meet your goals. Just as our ancestors have had to do for thousands of years and who were no less valuable or even less happy just because they had to farm/ make barrels/ etc.

Answered 6 years ago

I think if you have that question you probably are not on it yet and that okay.

When I was an undergrad in college I was studying to be a teacher. While in college I was a personal trainer. I really loved doing that but at the time never thought about doing it full time. Then while in my 3rd year I learned of a training program called CrossFit. It completely challenged everything I thought about training. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I absorb every ounce of energy into studying the methodology.

One time in college while listening to my professor discuss the meaning of a passage of Romeo and Juliet I found myself secretly reading articles about CrossFit. It was then I knew that was what I wanted to do. And even though I graduated with a degree in English I still pursue become a CrossFit trainer. That eventually lead to me opening up a gym and with the knowledge I got as a business owner I went back to school to get my MBA.

As much as you try to force the path sometimes the path finds you. Belief in yourself. There's no such thing as failure. Everything in life is an opportunity to learn and grow.

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Either way I wish you only the best!

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You are focused on what you do best, and you are not watering the things you are just mediocre at. You save the times you are prone to feeling brain dead for things like responding to emails, and you have got at least a few hours each day reserved for play. Everything in your life is “working.” You experience a deep sense of alignment in everything from the thoughts you think about yourself, to the opportunities that show up in your life at the right time, to the ample resources you have to do the things you love. You are not crunched for time or money, and you no longer have limiting beliefs that put a cap on how good your life can become.
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When you wake up the morning, if you:
- Cannot wait to go back to your desk
- Cannot wait to see your colleagues, co-workers in the office
- Cannot wait for your next Board meeting so that you can plan for a better 12-24 months
- Cannot wait to plan with your wife/family for next trip
- Cannot genuine/sincerely stop (without bragging, being cocky, or snobby) talking about your plans, goals, and how many things you want to do about your job in the neat future
- Cannot stop turning down linkedin outreaches because you are extremely satisfied with what you do at work,
- Cannot wait to expand your business nationwide, overseas, make it a global company

... you are absolutely on the right track! Success will come by itself, to those whom know how to persevere.

Answered 2 years ago

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