What is the best suggested method and strategy to launch and market a unique mobile and web messenger app to a global market?

I have designed and about to complete the development of a unique messenger app that is applicable to the global market that solves a very common problem. The app is monetized through PAYG and subscriptions. I am in the process of creating an explanatory video to assist with the marketing. I am a sole founder based in South Africa.


Good luck with you venture!
You basically have two options. Funded vs. bootstrapped mode. Assuming you are not going to look for investment for this particular project, your other option is to bootstrap.
Bootstrapping is becoming more and more popular nowadays, since it lets you gauge the reaction of the market very early. I recommend following Pieter Levels about this on Twitter and other media.
And I suggest watching this is a generally working - good model of how to launch a product:

Answered 2 years ago

Awesome you've almost completed development of the app. Now you should take some time with your potential customers:
1. Define what your ideal customer looks like
2. Find out where you can easily access that ideal customer
3. Perhaps most importantly--Talk to a number of those ideal customers and learn their pain points, their patience with those pain points and their willingness to change the status quo to avoid those pain points
4. Run a beta with a number of those ideal customers and ask what users think about your app--the good, the bad and everything in between
5. Implement needed changes, tweak your product and strategy as needed and push forward with your launch
6. Revisit Nos. 1-5 to validate what works and modify what isn't
If you wish to discuss, send me a PM through Clarity for 15 free minutes.

Answered 2 years ago

Congratulations on the development of your app.

As mentioned, figure out how to separate the rest of the world with your target audience. To be honest, you might not exactly know that yet but will become more evident as you spend time analyzing your marketing efforts.

You'll need to drive significant awareness to the solution that your app provides. Drive people to your website, speak about the pain of the problem, create content about the solution, create social channels and ultimately drive installs to your app.

The easiest way to market a mobile app is to use platforms that target mobile users for installs. Facebook, Apple Search, Google Ads, Etc are all channels you can use that have specific marketing functions for mobile app marketers.

Make sure you have some form of mobile analytics setup with your app to gauge activity levels and KPIs so that you can efficiently scale your app.

What you want to find is a repeatable funnel that will keep customers/users engaged continuously. Most apps have the hardest time with retention.

Also, SA is beautiful. I lived in Jeffreys Bay for a little while, and I consider South Africa my second home. :)

Answered 2 years ago

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