I can get people to look at my site and information but I can't seem to make a sale. How do I go from presenting information to asking for a sale?

I'm getting close to 300 hits a day on my website, but I can't see the sales conversions. I would like general advice on sales. I know that the best method is to sell face-to-face, but I currently live in Thailand where most of my market is in the USA. What steps can I take to sell my products and services?


You need to check your analytics and see where your visitors are leaving. Also test your sales copy and modify it until you see results.

Give me a call if you would like some in depth help.

Answered 11 years ago

I highly recommend you add a free download of an information product like I have on my site (for example) This way I can see how many people are seriously interested. Each person then goes into an automated email "drip" campaign and those that are most interested you can skype with and offer a free sales consult just like I do. If you want some help I can show you how I do this over skype.

Answered 11 years ago

It would be great to share your site as that all depends on your services/product, audience, etc

Answered 11 years ago

Sounds like you have the sales process all wrong.

There is a simple way to be a problem solver and not a product pusher.

Let me know if you'd like to discuss.

Answered 11 years ago

Making steady sales requires a strong understanding of your audience. They likely include two to three hypothetical members of your target demographic, based on your existing customers. They break your target audience down by basic information like age, location, and industry, then describe them in terms of details like needs and budget. One way to do this is by conducting extensive market research on specific features of your product or service. This will give you an idea of what, exactly, each segment of your target audience wants to see from your company, and how much they are willing to pay for it. So instead of basing your personas on what you think your target audience is like, you will be creating them based on real data. You can start by using internal data collected from your existing customers. Break your target audience down by your highest-value customers. After all, earning more of these customers is what will help your business grow. When you identify your best customers, you can work backward and determine the characteristics that make up each of your best buyers. Aim to find out as many details as you can about each of these customers, including industry, company size, and your point of contact’s role within the company. For a B2C audience, focus on details like family structure, existing demands on their time and money, specific pain points, and obstacles that might prevent them from buying.
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Answered 3 years ago

The reason for this might be cultural. There is no doubt that you are been seen, but to be seen and to be heard are two different things. Also, to be heard and to be patronissed is another different thing entirely. You are doing well on the marketing front by driving traffic to your website. But something might be wrong in that maybe what the people see on the website is either:
-customers have a better alternative: this has to do with someone doing it better than you out there.
-not attractive enough: getting patronized by customers getting a man. A woman has to be her best to get one.
Solutions to this problem:
- know what the market in the field your website is operating is giving and attempt to if not match it, get closer to the quality content in the industry.
-seek the opinion of an American that knows their thoughts and what puts them off and make sure you don't step on that line.
Still got questions, call me up and we can have a chat

Answered 3 years ago

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